How To Add Social Site Icons To Your Blog

This post is aimed at giving you a easy step by step guidance about how to add icons of the most popular ‘Social Sites’ namely ‘Facebook‘ ‘Twitter‘ ‘Google plus’ ‘Tumblr‘ and also ‘Blog Feed‘. The addition of these icons with an attractive rotating effect, increases the likelihood of the viewers clicking on them and revisit your blog.

Step : 1  Login to your Blogger dashboard and then click on ‘Template’

Step : 2  Now click on ‘Edit HTML’ ( a page of html codes will load )


Step : 3  Now find the following code and click on the small arrow on its left

                           Code to find : <b:skin>…</b:skin>


Step : 4  Now click anywhere in the page and press (Ctrl+f) – this will open up a small box at the top right corner

Step : 5  Now type ]]></b:skin> inside the box and hit enter


Step : 6  You will be shown </b:skin> marked yellow

Step : 7  Now add the following html code just above </b:skin>

Selectable code :

 /* Social icons for Blogger
———————————————– */

#social-icons {
z-index: 2;
position: relative;
.social-media-icons {
.social-media-icons ul {
padding:5px 5px 0 0
.social-media-icons ul {
.social-media-icons li.media_icon {
padding-left:0 !important;
background:none !important;
.social-media-icons li:hover {
-moz-transform: rotate(360deg);
-webkit-transform: rotate(360deg);
-o-transform: rotate(360deg);
transform: rotate(-360deg);
-moz-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
-webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
-o-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
-ms-transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;
transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out;

Step : 8  Now search for the following code :-

b:section class=’header’ id=’header’ maxwidgets=’1′ showaddelement=’no’>

***Note : In the following ‘screen shot’  ‘showaddelement=’no’> appears as ‘showaddelement=’yes’> , it has a different purpose and it will be discussed later. In your case it will appear as  ‘showaddelement=’no’>.  Just click on the ‘screen shot‘ and you it will be clearly understood.   


Step : 9  Now just above this code copy & paste the following code :-

Start of Code

<div class=’social-media-icons’ id=’social-icons’>

<li class=’media_icon’><a href=’‘><img border=’0′ src=’‘/></a></li>

<li class=’media_icon’><a href=’!/username‘><img border=’0′ src=’‘/></a></li>

<li class=’media_icon’><a href=’’><img border=’0′ src=’‘/></a></li>

<li class=’media_icon’><a href=’‘><img border=’0′ src=’‘/></a></li>


End of Code

Customize :-

Now add your Username (in what is marked in pink) of Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/and Name of your blog in the fourth. To insert a different icon just replace what is shown in blue with the url of your new icon.

Step : 10   Click Save & you are done.

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Money Money And More Money

9 ways About how to Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform that Keeps You growing

blog platform
blog platform

If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and the most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple, easy to understand interface. The most common problem a beginner encounters is understanding the interface. 

As far as this point is concerned, Blogger owned by Google may be considered to be the best with support/help at all levels. Apart from this, there are so many forums available that are always ready to help at every stage and describes in depth a lot of issues related to preparation of a blog in Blogger. 

Whereas, preparation of a blog with is a bit tricky as it requires some technical knowledge. At the same time, it’s also a fact is rich with more than 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins. 

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Below are given 7 best Blogger’s platforms – all of them immensely popular :-   

#1) Blogger : 


With Blogger owned by Google you are allowed access to a number of free tools such as Webmaster Tools, Analytics and the most popular ever money making tool Adsense. Any blogger irrespective of professional or following a hobby can make money with Adsense subject to its programme & policies.
No doubt, Blogger is the best and most popular platform.

Advantages :  

  • Easiest to understand and use
  • Support and help by Blogger and other websites at all levels
  • Anyone can make money subject to Adsense Programme & Policies
  • Lots of free and easy to understand tools
  • FREE

Disadvantages :

  • Bloggers is a sub domain and any site name you choose will come as
  • Number of themes/templates are limited 
  • If you go is for Adsense you cannot display ads of other networks subject to some exceptions
#2) :


This is another most popular and well known platform where you publish your blog for free. Its’s a great choice for mainly for bloggers’s who are pursuing their hobbies and not looking for making money. 

Advantage :

  • This is a nice place if you plan to upgrade to a self hosted Word Press Blog in future
  • Lot of themes/ templates
  • Simple to use and easy to understand, no special technical knowledge is required
  • Free
Disadvantages : 

  • Like Bloggers it’s also a sub domain and your site comes with
  • Limited tools and functionalities if not upgraded 
  • You almost have no control for advertising revenues and you are subject to suspension any time
#3) : 


A self hosted Word Press blog uses the Word Press software on a third party server. Not totally free and your need to pay $3 per month for hosting. You have control over your website and you are free to install plugins and edit HTML code. It’s ideal for professionals and business owners who can invest some in exchange of professional appearance. 

Advantages :
  • Awesome with some 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins 
  • User friendly customization options 
Disadvantages : 
  • Some technical knowledge is required for hosting
  • Not totally Free

    #4) Tumblr : 


    Tumblr is basically a social platform and therefore ideal for bloggers. This platform is right for you if you are planning to build a strong social and friend connections. 

    Advantages :
    • Rich in themes
    • Tools and easy options for customization
    • Free

    Disadvantages :

    • Limited monetize options
    • Plugins are limited

    #5) Weebly : 


    Weebly is a blog creating platform equipped with easy drag and drop features enabling you to create great blog pages and layouts easily.

    Advantages :

    • Easy customisable layouts
    • Great Themes
    • Easy drag and drop features

    Disadvantages :

    • Limited scopes to earn

    #6) Ghost :

    Ghost is a different place from other platforms. It is free if you download and install it yourself but you have to pay on the basis of traffic. You need some technical knowledge to create your blog here. If you cannot manage with Word Press it’s a great alternative to try.

    #7) TypePad : 


    This platform is not free and requires you to invest some money but it’s an excellent platform for professionals and brand builders. The community of TypePad is not as large as Blogger or Word Press but these days this platform is being liked by a lot of bloggers.

    Advantages :

    • Easy to use interface
    • Unlimited storage like Google’s Blogger

    Disadvantages :

    • It’s not free

    #8) LiveJournal : 


    LiveJournal is also a good platform and it has a great community base. You are encouraged to take part in discussion on a wide range of subjects as much as blogging. LiveJournal started its operations in 1999 and today it has become an immensely popular website and innumerable members.

    #9) Wix :


    Wix is highly suitable for businesses with special emphasis on ecommerce. You can make a stunning ecommerce business website easily with wix with its unlimited bandwidth, easy to use interface, drag and drop facility, designer made templates, excellent galleries, mobile optimization, SEO and 24 x 7 support.

    Advantages :

    • Easy to use
    • Ad integration
    • rich quality templates
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Maximum 20 GB storage
    Disadvantages :

    • Not free and expensive
    • Limited customization options

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    15+ Real & Amazing Ways To Make Money – Apply These 5 Secrets

    Learn As Albert Einstein Cracked How To Increase Adsense CPC And CTR With These All Time Secret 10 Tricks

    window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-72524586-5’);


    Increase Adsense CPC and CTR
    Adsense CPC and CTR for your blog

    Adsense is the most trustworthy ‘Ad Network’ place and is the first choice for professional bloggers as an attractive way of income. Although, is a great way of earning by putting ads on your website but a few things are very important to keep in mind – (1) CPC or Cost Per Click and (2) CTR or Click Through Rate. 

    If these two things are not suitably taken care of, Adsense will be of no use to you. Adsense puts ads on its approved publishers websites/blogs and shares the revenue with its publishers.  Publishers get 68% of the revenues from Adsense and the remaining 32% is retained by Adsense itself. The revenue is generated when some viewers click on the ads in your website put by Adsense. 

    A good CPC (Cost Per Click) rate along with a good CTR (Click Through Rate) can generate a very attractive income for you. Some think increasing CTR is enough to earn well from Adsense but the fact is that putting emphasis on both CPC and CTR have a must better effect. 

    What is CTR?

    CTR is the number of clicks the viewers click on the ads in your website per 100 impressions. This means if you get 5 clicks per 100 impressions then the CTR is 5%.

    A good CTR is capable of giving you a good earning from Adsense. If the CTR is abnormally high then the related websites may be disabled by Adsense suspecting foul play. 

    To remain in the safe zone i.e., not getting banned by Adsense it may be advised that a CTR rate of 2% to 5% is safe for professional bloggers who have large number of daily visitors to their websites. While a CTR between 0.5% to 1% may be termed as safe for newbies.

    Facts About CTR And How To Increase It

    A good CTR depends on a number of things and one must attempt to improve all of these aspects. To do these one may have to rearrange position of the ads, change its sizes or use a different template. Now let’s find the main pillars of a satisfactory CTR :-

    Placement of Ads

    A well placed ads can make a lot of difference than badly placed ads at the end of the article or at the footer. Opinions vary from blogger to blogger about this. Some say when those viewer who do not like your article and leave your website reading the first few lines, an ad placed at the bottom serves no purpose at all. Others argue that those viewers who like your post and read it till the end, there is a great probability that he/she will click an ad at the bottom it it is related to the subject. 

    However, there are a few positions/places in any page of a website, where posting an ad can arouse eagerness/interest among viewers to click on the ad. This logic is accepted by almost all bloggers. Now these positions are :-

    i) Right Top/Below or by the Side of the Header

    • The above mentioned places are the first where a visitor’s eyes get hooked when he/she enters your site. It has been observed that if the ad displayed here is of interest to the visitor then it is most likely the will be clicked.

    ii) Within The Main Content

    • When a visitor likes your post and is deeply involved in reading your article, placing an ad right in front of his/her eyes may generate a few clicks specially if the ad relates to his/her interest. You may think of posting at least two ads within the post and in my opinion, it creates a better effect than an ad posted below the header.

    iii) Sidebars

    • This is a very good place to show ads in any website/blog. You may have a single sidebar or two sidebars on both sides of the post – it depends on type of template used.

    iv) Between Posts On the Homepage

    • This is also a very attractive place to show ads. Since your homepage shows the title of all the posts with ‘Read more’ below it, there is a bright chance of generating a few clicks as each and every viewer is most likely to visit your home page to find it your website contains an article of his/her choice.

    V)  Blend Ads

    • Blending ads with the background of your article is an excellent way of increasing CTR. The visitors are very clever these days and are well aware that if they click on any ad the owner of the website will get payment from the ‘ad network site’. So, they are very reserved about this. Blending Ads with the background may fool them but at the same time ‘Adsense Terms & Conditions‘ must not be violated.

    vi)  Ad Sizes 

    • Use of large format ads is very effective. Try to select ads from your adsense a/c with formats such as :-
    • 300 x 600 Large Skyscraper 
    • 336 x 280 Large Rectangle
    • 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
    • 768 x 90 Leader Board
    • 468 x 60 Banner

    vii) Quality Content And Niche 


    • This is the question often asked and searched by the bloggers. Making a blog professionally designed and highly eye catching in appearance are not enough to get wonderful volume of traffic. One might be wondering what the blog still lacks that viewers seldom visit it. Getting even a few hundred views daily is not an easy work.

      As far as my experience goes getting an online presence takes time, may be even a few years and involves a lot of hard work and devotion. You can’t expect your blog to soar high as soon as it is published. Allow viewers required time to like it.

      Your blog becomes effective and unique when you punch creative posts with professional design and layout. The game starts changing when viewers get spontaneously involved in your articles and cannot leave your post till the last word. You may certainly expect these viewers to come back again. The essence of creation is so strong that viewers revisit your blog just to find if there is any new post for them.


    How To Create Super Attractive And Viral Post That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog

    viii) Bounce Rate 

    • Bounce rate reduces your chance of having a good CPC and CTR. A high bounce rate indicates viewers leave your website faster without going through the contents of various pages. The higher the ‘bounce rate’ the lower will be visibility and thus lower CPC and CTR. Try to reduce the ‘bounce rate’ by making regular attractive and rich posts and occasional change of the appearance of your website such as using a different template.

      ix) Ad Blindness 

      • These days, the visitors are very clever. A frequent visitor always knows the location of your ad placements and never looks at those ads but continues to check if any new article of choice is posted. The information in the article is noted and the visitor leaves your site. To reverse this trend, just change the placements of your ads and occasional change of appearance such as change of template.

      x)  Increase SEO presence

      •  Millions of viewers all over the world search over hundreds of subjects in ‘search engines’ specially ‘Google’. About 60 to 70 percent of traffic of any website depends on ‘search engines’. Hence, search engine presence is absolutely necessary to get high volume of traffic and high CPC/CTR. Therefore, increase your search engine presence as much as you can. Connecting your site with ‘Google Analytic’ and submitting ‘site map’ to ‘Webmasters Tools’ are indispensable. Adding ‘social sites’ icons is a must.

      Read : How to add a XML sitemap to Google ‘Webmasters Tools’

             How to add ‘social site icons’ to your blog

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

      Best Free Premium WordPress Templates For Your Blog

      (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

      WordPress free premium themes are capable of giving your blog a new look. They can be uses in various ideas whether business, music, video, travel and almost anything. Only choose the right one for you and give a boost to your blog. They are free, premium and highly eye catching. So, never wait, start your search right now :-


      Shop lsle :  Shop lsle is the perfect free theme designed for your commerce & business and shop oriented blog ideas. It has a full screen image, parallax effect, e-Commerce ready and provides a responsive blog section. Besides the theme also contains WPML, photo gallery grid, contact form 7, Meta Slider, Site Origin Page Builder, JetPack compatible and SEO friendly as well. It suits perfectly for a store kind of blog amd displays a simple yet elegant style.

      ColorMag : 


      ColoMag is a perfectly designed responsive magazine oriented WordPress theme, highly suitable for newspaper, magazine, publishing and news business types of blog and websites. Free support may be availed at  and check for demo at

      Receptar : Receptar is a simple, moder, responsive, fully-customizable and stylish WordPress theme. Receptar features split-screen book-like design ideal for modern cook book. It has customizable colors, front page slide show and other cool features. The theme is compatible with almost all types of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Demo here

      MH Magazine Lite


      This is one of the best of free version of MH Magazine WordPress themes with basic functionality. This theme is popular for awesome online magazines with extended options and custom widgets. If you need more features then you can upgrade to premium version also  Live Demo here and click here for download. For premium version. 
      Rowling : Rowling is a simple and clean magazine for WordPress available for free download from the official The theme is also suitable for travelling & business sites. The features include responsibe design, custom color changer, image gallery, flexible headers and widgets. Those with rich content in their websites or blogs may go for this. It is developed by Anders Noren. You can check out for some other free WordPress Themes
      My Wedding

      Weddings : This particular theme goes well with wedding websites with its elegant and responsible design. It has multiple pages, homepage slider and gallery support. It contains details of the bride and bridgegroom with features such as ‘online invitation’. Apart from other features such as schemes, layout and styles the theme can be used by the ‘wedding photographers as well. 

      Simp : This is a simple and excellent WordPress business theme that enables you to showcase products and services effectively. It features a sortable portfolio in four different styles accompanies with a contact page and lots of widgets and that’s also completely free. 



      Radiate : Radiate is a simple, creative and light retina ready responsive blogging WordPress theme supporting parallax header image.

      It features primary color option, custom background, custom css and few other features through WordPress customizer. Download

      Flat – Personal Blog Theme :


      Flat is a free awesome theme targeting personal blog and designed by YoArts. It also works well with magazine, news and review websites. It has custom background, custom colors and custom menu features. The theme is translation ready and is equipped with clever responsive layout. 


      Hueman is a free mobile friendly WordPress theme designed for blog, magazine and business websites. It features display of colorful images in an attractive manner Its exquisite beautiful design helps to attract and retain more viewers and that’s why the theme is being used by 70K+ website owners. It has 5 * rating.


      Wagazine Blogger Template :

      The template is ideal for bloggers who are looking for a SEO friendly template, adsense optimized magazine blogger template with responsive layout. It has responsive design, seo friendly, auto resize thumbnail image, random posts, recent comments, threaded comments, ads ready, auto author image, newsletter subscription, 404 page, professional admin layout and many more. 


      Flat Mag – Free Blogger Template :


      This template is also an impressive responsive blogger template precisely designed for multimedia, news bulletin, entertainment and technology blogs. With elegant green color schemes ‘Flat Mag’ gives your viewers a joy of watching and that’s also with responsive and flexible design. It has a lot of useful and key widgets in ready-to-use from the time the time the template is installed on your blog. 


      Forex Trading – Checklist For Beginners

      (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);



      Forex Trading Tips

      Forex trading or ‘trading in foreign currency’ is the most traded market with an average of  trillions of
      dollars per day and the largest market place involving individual traders/investors, banks, governments and corporations. Forex trading may be defined as the system of converting one currency into another at an agreed rate of exchange over the counter. Currency values constantly  appreciate or depreciate in terms of one or another due to several economic and geopolitical factors. The forex traders speculate the way the value of a specific foreign currency is likely to take a turn against another currency in future. The aim of ‘forex traders is to make profit by actively speculating on which way the value of various foreign currencies are likely to take a turn in the future. In order to become a successful foreign exchange investor and to trade effectively in the forex market complete knowledge of every pros and cons of this subject is most important. All beginners in forex trading are definitely to benefit from the following helpful guidelines:

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

      • Training : A Foreign exchange training is the essential prerequisite to learn effective and profitable forex tradingForex market is not an easy one but risky too. Here one can earn a lot but at the same time suffer a huge loss also. Before venturing into the arena of forex trading, educate yourself properly by undergoing a reliable tutorial guidelines offered by well known ‘forex trading companies’. 
      • The training companies can really guide you through various ups and downs of forex market as they are trained professionals having vast knowledge in this segment. With the onset of internet, foreign exchange training courses  are easily accessible by all. Look for a good forex exchange tutorial that explains all necessary points in a comprehensive detail and can make you a true master of the game. 
      • A True Tutorial Course also makes you aware of the technological tool available and the international monetary scenario. The more you learn the more you are safe. Remember, knowledge pays. Just don’t jump into forex market. The tutorials/training will arm you with ‘first hand knowledge’ and instructions of ‘how to do it’ while being in the safe zone. 
      • A Demo Account : A demo account is very helpful for the novice. All forex training companies are equipped with the facility of providing the beginners with a demo account. Try your knowledge and calculation in a demo account first before actually beginning to trade.  
      • Strategy : The next important thing to learn about preparing your own strategy. A full proof investment strategy is the pillar of success and is the next most important thing to learn. There is always a strategy behind the success of every successful investors. The strategy differs from investor to investor. 
      • Make Your Own Strategy : You will have to prepare your  You will have to prepare your own sound strategy after gaining your training  and experience and no one is going to make it for you. Your strategy should be built on experience and knowledge and must not be copies from others. Remember a strategy working well for someone else may not work well for you. 
      • Forex Robot : One should not depend on the forex robot blindly. These robots are designed to earn money only for their developers and cannot work much for the people who buy them. In the absence of practical knowledge of using forex bot may lead to huge losses. Rely on your own sound decision and stick to your strategy. 

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

      • Stop Loss : Decide beforehand the extent of  loss you can afford to suffer against each and every transaction. This is known as ‘stop loss‘. A perfect ‘stop loss’ strategy helps an investor to protect his or her valuable investment against serious loss. Stop loss means setting a pre-designed target or price at which a buy or sell order is activated to avoid further loss. 
      • When the price of a currency appreciates or depreciates against the wishes as planned and reaches the pre designed target the ‘stop loss’ order is instantly activated and further loss is avoided. A stop loss order saves the trader from suffering huge losses in the face of sudden unexpected unfavourable development. 
      • A Profit Target : Implementing a pre-designed profit target in conjunction with a ‘stop loss’ order is the perfect strategy to trade in the forex market. A pre destined profit target order ensures optimum profit for the investor in every transaction. This prevents the investors from booking profit too early or incurring a loss, instead of profit, while waiting for more and more profit.   
      • Patience : Investment in forex market is a long term affair and therefore, patience is absolutely essential. Most successful operators always set target for a long term goal and remain indifferent to minor daily fluctuations in prices. While taking a decision emotion must be within control and greed must not take over conscience. 
      • You are most likely to lose a lot of money in the event of taking a hasty decision. Do not be afraid too early, just stick to your target and strategy. So possessing patience and the right mentality are crucial to fulfil the dream of success in this arena.
      • Keep Yourself Updated : Always try to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and methods in the market. Having a well versed knowledge about the economic and political scenario of the world and as well as of your own country will always help you gain tremendously. One should also be aware of the latest rules and regulations for the traders. Rules and regulations may also vary among various countries and governments. There is no end to learning, the more you read the more you learn.
      • Useful Tips : Useful tips and guidance from successful operators in foreign exchange market may work well and better than forex bot. So always try to keep in touch with expert friendly traders, discuss with them the latest market trend and seek their advices.  

      Effective investing in foreign exchange should be a simple and easily understandable one, free from ambiguity. A lot of policies are bound to make a lot of confusions and it is desirable to follow an easy system than a complicated one. Always try to follow a simple and ‘easy to follow’ system which eliminates loss and makes a rich harvest. Also try to include a few essential rules to make healthy profits and a powerful financial investment administration system.

      Always be cautious of any break in the graph indicating a probable upward or downward trend of a specific currency, which might prove to be a real timing device to decide whether to enter a particular deal or not. Besides accurate timing is of utmost importance to become a successful trader. The strategy followed becomes 100 per cent fruitful and safe when it is fine tuned with perfect timing.

      Keeping in mind the above important factors, will not only save the beginners in forex trading, from suffering serious financial blow to their hard earned money but also make them most successful traders.

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      How To Become Rich In The Forex Market

      Where To Find A Good Training In Forex

      10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Easy Tips For Beginners To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

      (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


      increase blog traffic
      Increase Blog Traffic



      Increase Blog Traffic

      Building a terrific blog is easier than getting a regular good volume of traffic. There are a few excellent and easy ways to get a fair volume of traffic in a quite a short span of time. These tips are tried by myself and produced excellent results. There might be a lot of tactics but it is difficult to apply all of them in a single blog. 

      It’s because all tips are not easy to implement for all bloggers and specially for the beginners. So, it’s better to go for a few selected tips which are not too complicated and very easy to apply. I am sure, they will help you positively. Remember the volume of traffic always increases gradually as you go on implementing them and not overnight.

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});  

       1) Blog Should Always Be SEO Friendly :

      The primary source of traffic that comes to any blog/website is through search engine. So, ignoring or neglecting SEO is a major mistake. SEO can make your blog a massive traffic earner and is number one in terms of importance. Millions of people search various topics in the main search engines of today — Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many more. 

      Figures suggest that between 2007 and 2013 number of daily searchers continued to rise and in 2014 it crossed 6 billion mark. Therefore, it can be easily imagined where it has gone in 2016. 

      The title/headline of the blog should be unique & viral and highly SEO friendly otherwise you can never get good volume of viewers. Writing great and unique headlines may make 9 out of every 10 viewers to click on your articles.   

      • Get Your Free & Effective Title Generators Here    
      • 7 Best Tips To Make The Title Of Your Blog Most Effective
      A blogger with creative & attractive contents will get more traffic than a blogger with no good contents at all. So, paying attention to create quality articles pays and improves rankings and visibility in search engines. Good SEO friendly posts are powerful enough to drive traffic to your blog. 

      Although, social network sites are a factor these days to create massive volume of traffic but that never undermines the utility of search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing.

      • How To Create Super Attractive & Viral Post That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog  

      2) Keyword Based Contents :

      Keywords are words that are used by searchers/readers in search engines to search a topic. If the title of your blog and its contents contain these keywords, search engine bot quickly produce your blog in the search results. Your blog/site gets ranked by bot in search engines based on keywords. Keyword is not an easy subject and its research is a continuous process and always keep changing. A keyword is strong enough to altar the search engine results to a great extent. You can use ‘Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool‘   Another place  Keyword Tool
      There is a free available helping tool by Google to help you in this segment ‘AdWords Keyword Planner’

      When a few words are typed in the search box, Moz shows you its ‘Difficulty’ ‘Opportunity’ ‘Potential Strength’ ‘Suggestions’ & ‘SERP Analysis’. Similarly ‘AdWord’ shows phrases that match the intent and/or terms you have used. Another great ‘keyword’ suggestion tool is Ubersuggest

      3) Blogger’s  Platform :

      A suitable blogging platform also makes a lot of difference. The ‘Platform’ should be helpful with simple and easy to understand interface. Google / WordPress are the primary names to mention here apart from many others. 

      How To Find 5 Top Blogging Platforms You Will Be Absolutely Amazed At  

      4) Connect With Social Platforms :

      As told earlier, apart from search engines the key factor that plays a vital role in getting a massive volume of traffic are social sites such as Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr StumbleUpon Pinterest. These sites produce billions of visitors from almost all parts of the world. These social platforms are an excellent source of sharing your articles with others. At the same time, you gain valuable experience when others share their contents with you. 

      Read : How To Add Social Icons To Your Blog   

      5) Power of Your Niche :

      Blog topics or niche are something that create interest among viewers whether to click a specific blog to view it. Selecting the right niche or topic for your blog can make a major difference in the volume of daily traffic. There are numerous number of subjects on which a blog may be made but all are not ranked in the same level. 

      Since all niches are not going to be very popular, one has to be very careful in selecting one’s niche to get a satisfactory volume of traffic. 
      Read : How To Start A Business With Only 5 Profitable Niche Blog Topics That May Make You Millionare  

      6) Excellent Designs Can Help :

      A nice, professional, premium and responsive template can place your blog/website above all. A beautiful design not only attracts more viewers but also retain them to your blog for a longer period. Starting your blog with an attractive template will give you an edge over others. 
      Read : Best Free WordPress Templates For You

                   How To Add Related Post Widget To Your Blog Or Custom Domain

      7) Show Post Title Before Blog Title :

      Showing ‘post title’ before ‘blog title’ in Google search engines can lead to a considerable hike in search engine traffic. Google allows 65 characters in the search results. 
      Therefore, if  ‘blog  title’ crosses 65 mark then google is not going to show your ‘post title’ at all. Even if your blog title remains within 65 characters it is impossible to show the complete post title in search engine.

      This is where you suffer most, losing a great amount of your daily traffic. The solution lies in doing something that lets you show the post title before the blog title. If you can do this, you will find within a few days that your volume of viewers is on the rise.

      Read : ‘How To Show Post Title Before Blog Title’

      8) Add A Sitemap To Your Blog :

      You created your blog spending your precious time energy and you wish your blog posts be read by thousands at least if not lacs. Apart from this point of view, if you have got ‘Adsense’ approval already then the more people view it daily the more is your income.

      To get high amount of traffic your blog must be found and indexed by the google search engine bot. Here, the need arises for addition of a suitable sitemap to your blog. 

      Read : How To Add A Sitemap To Your Blog

      Read : How To Add A XML Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

      9) Connect Your Blog/Site To Google Webmaster Tools :

      When you create a blog you surely wish that more and more people worldwide view your posts. This is possible only when your blog/site is indexed properly by the search engine bot. The first step to do this is to submit your site to ‘Google Webmaster Tools.

      Apart from viewing by more and more people, all bloggers also wish to get ‘Adsense’ approval to earn money from their blogs. To earn money from ‘Adsense’ you must enjoy a reasonable volume of traffic. When you submit your site to webmaster tools, your site is properly indexed by search engine bot quickly enabling to get traffic.

      Read : How To Add Your Blog/Website To Google Webmaster Tools

      10) Adding Photos And Illustrations Can Be of Immense Help :

      Images and graphics can add beauty to your blog and make it more impressive and meaningful. Observed a blog with a good content supported with photos and graphics draw more traffic than a blog with a good content but no images and graphics at all. If you wish to apply for Adsense approval in future, then the images must be free from copyright. 

      There are a number of sites who are ready to offer astonishing copyright free images.

      Read : Read These 9 Tips About 10 Top Websites For Copyright Free Photos For Your Blog To Double Your Business 

      11) Interactions With The Comments Of Your Blog :

      When the blog starts getting a number of daily views, many comments start appearing from all types of viewers. Some of these comments may not deserve any reply while some try to draw traffic from your blog by posting the url of their own blogs. 

      In spite of all these, you will still find a few comments which are really inspiring. Do not neglect these comments, reply to them, take part in the comments of other blogs. This way you can make publicity of your blog and at the same time increase visibility. 

      12) Take Help From Buzzsumo To Generate Viral Content :

      This is a great place that can help you select the most popular topic in your niche. Write the primary keyword of your niche in the search column and click ‘go’. This incredible tool will show top viral posts related to your ‘keyword’ and also its total number of shares/tweets in the social media. Examine the headlines of these posts and create your own.  

      Best Technical Analysis And Fundamental Analysis Forex Market Tips You Will Read This Year

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      technical fundamental analysis forex
      Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Forex Market


      Basically, there are two types of analysis followed by traders in the forex market – the Fundamental Analysis and the Technical Analysis. While fundamental analysis predicts movement of price of a currency on the basis of evaluation of political & economic developments, economic reviews and economic announcements by the governments of those currencies, technical analysis primarily depends on recognition of patterns on a price chart. In technical analysis various types of charts/graphs are created on the basis of the price trend of a currency. Traders look for various patterns in these charts/graphs such as single head double shoulder, double heads double shoulders, double bottoms, triangles and many more.

      Features of Technical Analysis :

      #1) Technical analysis believes price movements are actually a result of a number of market forces such as Political developments, Economic factors, Change in the supply & demand, Seasonal fluctuations and all other decisive factors that influence the price of currencies. Technical analysts are concerned with the movement of the price and not with why the market moves.

      #2) There are numerous market patterns that are linked with various trends and the currency prices in the forex market follow these trends.

      #3) Historical trends always prove to be a crucial factor to predict movement of price. It has been discovered by careful analysis of data of the forex market over the years that human reactions to certain circumstances are part of human psychology leading to the basis of these patterns.

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Technical analysis is more popular than fundamental analysis among traders as the later requires a high degree of knowledge of economical and political affairs of a number of countries which is very difficult for the common traders to obtain. On the contrary, technical analysis may be applied to various currencies and markets simultaneously.

      To be successful in the forex market you need to have your own unique strategy and it is not known which strategy will work best for you. On the other hand, it has been proved technical analysis may be applied effectively to predict changes in price movements.

      The tools of technical analysis in forex market are almost similar to the tools used by traders in stock market. Traders in forex markets enter and exit a trade on the basis of support & resistance levels of various patterns in the charts just like traders in stock market.

      Read : Forex Strategies

      Various charts, graphs, technical analysis and data are available online against a price. How these tools will be of use to traders depends on individual knowledge and experience of a trader. Also, software is available to help the traders to implement their strategies with the help of these online tools. Herein, comes the need of a comprehensive training before entering the forex market.

      Read : Where To Find A Good Training In forex

      The charts, data, technical analysis and software cannot make profit for you independently. It involves a lot of expertise, knowledge and experience of the traders to make use of them. Therefore, before actively taking part in forex trading, just ask yourself if you have gained enough knowledge and confidence to do it. This is for your own safety.

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Although, technical analysis is the easiest and most common method used by numerous traders all over the world, like all other things its has got both merits and demerits. Being fully aware of these will make the trader more confident about this system.


      • Technical analysis is concerned with charts & tools only and never attaches importance to any other less precise factors, so it’s the easiest to follow.
      • Technical analysis indicates what the price of a currency pair might be based on what the market is doing today and never with what the market might do
      • Technical analysis is very helpful in indicating to the traders about basic things such as — when to enter the market and when to exit, number of lots to trade at any one time and amount of money put to risk on each trade. So it’s very precise
      • Sometimes, technical analysis indicates the end end of a trend before it actually appears thus helping to keep the losses at minimum


      • Sometimes, it might be risky and foolish to indicate tomorrow’s price trend based completely on today’s trend because there might be so many other forces at work tomorrow
      • Beginners and inexperienced traders may fail to pick up the signals of a change in a trend timely thus losing about one third of the fluctuations in the price of a currency
      • Acting on a pattern prematurely or failure to act on a timely manner may make the trader vulnerable to lose money   


      How To Become Rich In The Forex Market

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      Getting Rich In The Forex Market






      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

      The word forex is the abbreviation of ‘foreign exchange’ and is typically used to describe trading in foreign currencies of various countries by traders and investors. Trading in foreign currencies means buying one currency against sale of another. Imagine a situation where US Dollar is likely to weaken against Pound Sterling. 

      Now, suppose a trader sells $1000 and buys Pound Sterling at an exchange rate applicable at that time. In the mean time, Pound Sterling strengthens against Dollar. Now the trader who bought Pound Sterling has the power to buy more dollars with his/her Pounds and thus earns a profit. 

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There is a similarity in the ‘functioning and objectives’ of a trader/investor in forex and a trader in stock. A trader in stock market buys a stock price of which is likely to rise in future and sells a stock, price of which is likely to fall. In the same way, a trader in forex buys a currency pair whose exchange rate is likely to rise and sells a currency pair whose exchange rate is likely to fall in future.

      Forex may be described as the largest and most liquid market in the world where billions of transactions take place daily. Unlike stock market forex market is decentralized and functions daily 24 hours a day all over the world. With this feature everybody has the opportunity to make money any time of the day. 

      Any currency bought and sold is done only in an electronic form in an inter bank market. Millions of transactions take place based on the speculative anticipations of millions of traders and investors about the exchange rate of one currency in relation to another currency in future. 

      International forex investing is a highly speculative affair. It is such a vast market where millions and millions of dollars change hands daily based on the speculative assumptions of innumerable number of traders and investors. Forex market is basically a speculative game between ‘bulls’ and ‘bears’. 

      Forex market is the place where currencies of various countries of the world are exchanged. In the beginning one may not have a very clear concept about which currencies to trade in. So, below is given a list of some major and popular currency pairs to trade in :-

      • EUR/USD : Euro and US Dollar
      • USD/JPY : US Dollar and Japanese Yen
      • GBP/USD : Great Britain Pound and US Dollar
      • USD/CHF : US Dollar and Swiss Frac
      • AUD/USD : Australian Dollar and US Dollar
      • USD/CAD : US Dollar and Canadian Dollar

      In the above example, the first currency is called the ‘Base’ whereas the second one is called ‘Cross’. The value of the ‘Base’ currency is always taken as 1(one). For example, if the exchange rate between EUR/USD is 1.12 today, it means 1 EURO = $ 1.12. The value of the Base currency controls the direction of the trade and the chart. This means, if this rate of 1.12 goes up the EURO is strengthening against Dollar. On the contrary, if this rate goes down it means USD is strengthening against EURO. 

      The aim of a forex trader/investor is to sell the ‘Base’ currency in exchange of another ‘Cross’ currency in anticipation that the exchange rate of the cross currency is most likely to appreciate in near future. When the appreciation actually takes place, the trader converts the currency he had earlier obtained, back to the ‘Base’ currency and makes a profit.

      Suppose, JPY/USD exchange rate today is $ 1.00 = Jap Yen 113.82. Suppose, a trader anticipated a rise in the exchange rate in near future and sold Jap Yen 1,000,000. The trader got $8785.80. Now, suppose the exchange rate has risen to $ 1.00 = Jap Yen 117. Now, the trader will get Jap Yen 1,027,938.60 (8785.80 X 117) against a sale of $ 8785.80. Thus, the trader makes a profit. The opposite may happen also. If the exchange rate goes does the trader incurs a loss.

      The feature of high liquidity and accessibility attracts an innumerable number of trader and investors in the forex market and more and more people are growing interest in it. There are a lot of traders who became millionaires in this field, gave up their daily jobs and became professional forex experts and traders. Like any other business and the stock market, the traders in forex market also run the risk of  suffering huge losses because of lack of knowledge and experience.

      Its is true many traders make sizeable gains in the forex market but at the same time it’s a fact that many people fell victims to incredible losses too. You have to undergo training and seek guidance from experienced and professional brokers before you actually start doing it independently and confidently.

      A forex trading course not only empowers one with rules & regulations and skills but provides one with inner knowledge of how to become a successful trader. Nowadays, a free ‘demo account’ is available with almost all broking firms and it’s very helpful. You may have a first hand experience market from a free ‘demo account’. Read more

      Be known for sure, an auto robot or some e-books cannot make you an expert in this trade. These things lure inexperienced traders by baseless and unfounded claims of almost 100 percent success in each and every trade. These people make profit when the beginners buy their products online believing in their false claims wasting heard earned money.

      What one needs most to become an experienced and successful trader is a ‘Forex Trading Course’ provided by expert and reliable professionals in this line. All these courses are easily available online and may be applied for by anybody. Before approaching for any specific course, talk to them and judge their competence and consider the number of years they are engaged in this profession.

      One of the most popular advantage to trade in the forex market is with the help of ‘Leverage’. This advantage enables the traders to trade 40 or 50 or even 100 times of the amount he/she has deposited in his/her account. With the help of  leverage one can really enjoy attractive opportunity to make money with small investments. The advantage has its risks too. This is a borrowed fund, so never utilise this until and unless you are 100 percent sure of a trade.

      It is advisable to start trading in this market with minimum amount of money at first that you can afford to lose and losing that much money doesn’t make any difference to your future security. If your financial status is not as solid as it should be to trade in this market and if losing any money may cause a havoc to your future safety, then make sure to keep away from this highly ‘Volatile Market’. 

      Do not attempt to start investing in forex market with the help of borrowed funds from friends and relativesMay God forbid, if your borrowed money is lost the situation may turn out to be alarming. The key to making a footprint in this market is a reliable strategy and sticking to it. Human emotions like greed, revenge, fear must not win over you. Never trade when you are not sure about the market’s trend and moves on a specific day. Better watch & wait to trade in foreign exchange market.

      Read more
      Techniques & Features Of Forex Trading

      Don’t Waste Time 7 Facts About How To Get Rich With Forex Trading – Strategy

      Learning To Trade Forex


      learning to trade forex
      learning to trade forex



      Learning To Trade Forex

      Forex involves buying and selling of various currencies of the world. It is a specific form of trading that is carried out through inter-Bank making it an ‘over the counter transaction’ which indicates it can be done any person instantly.

      All one needs is a computer & internet to start trading in forex market independently. It can be done over phone also through your broker. It’s a 24 hour global decentralized market having centers in major capitals of the world like Tokyo, London, New York. The market has not fixed hours of operation excepting the weekends. 

      One can earn a lot here and at the same time lose everything. Any theory, chart or tips may go wrong any moment. So, earning money in this type of profession should always be taken seriously. Anyone should not enter forex market before undergoing a thorough training and understand the basics.

      The brokers always try to supply its clients the best tips and present trend of the market True these tips and news go a long way and enable the clients to make considerable gains in the forex market. The reality is that the beginners must have the ability to understand and analyze the tips supplied by the broker.

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      In the beginning, when one enters the market, a forex broker are one’s eyes and ears through which one sees and listens the market. A reliable forex broker also attempts to supply the best of tips and news to the clients. A broker is competent to supply his best but ultimately it is the trader who takes decisive decision whether a specific currency is to be bought or sold.

      Nowadays, science has developed so much everybody is open to have his/her best choicest online trading quite easily. All most all major forex brokers have got best set up to provide the prospective client best of training. 

      Read : About some reputed forex brokers : Essentials of a forex broker

      Irrespective of the type of training you select whether i.e. institutional or online, it must be taken into account the the training includes the basics, finance, strategy and all major current topics and trends.

      Having a computer and an internet connection is not enough to trade confidently in forex market. If a person enters this market without sufficient knowledge and loses everything, then the market is not responsible for this and it’s actually he who is to blame.

      You must have enough knowledge of important terminologies, trading platforms, techniques & features of trading, strategy, analysis. 

      Spending a few hundred dollars for a suitable training is no doubt a good investment. There are many forex broking companies who offer their training free of cost. It’s fact a free training can never be a substitute to a professional training. So, advise is never go for anything free as far as the importance of your knowledge is concerned.

      Read: Where to find a good training in forex

      Never be attracted to brokers/broking companies who offer everything free viz., tips, charts, training and everything to make you a millionaire. Their ultimate aim is to get you as their client so that they can increase their brokerage earning for staying in the forex market. 

      Read: 10 Best forex broker companies of the world you can rely on

      Useful Terminology Or Technical Terms Of Forex Trading



      • What is a LotThis is the smallest size of trade available for traders and normally the standard size of a lot is 1000 units of a currency. However, traders can place orders with brokers in multiples of smallest size of trade e.g. 1000/2000/3000 etc.

      • What is a PIPPIP is the unit of measurement to express the change in value between two currencies. Most currency pairs except JPY(Japanese Yen) are always quoted to four decimal places. This fourth place after the decimal point is taken into consideration to count ‘pips’. For instance, if rate of  EUR/USD rises to 1.2355 from 1.2350 it means EUR/USD rate has risen by 5 pips.

      • What is an Exchange RateThe exchange rate also called ‘currency exchange rate’ and ‘foreign exchange rate’ is the value at which one currency is converted into another. The forex market place is a decentralized one in nature and is conducted by several market participants spreading over several locations of the world. The exchange rate depends on several geopolitical and economical factors including interest rate, inflation and financial strength/weakness of various countries. Thus, it is common that two currencies will differ in value to one another and the exchange rate continues to change every bit of a second. 

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      • What is a Spread : Ask rate is the lowest price at which a financial is offered for sale and BID is the price at which a buyer is prepared to purchase, the price offered for a currency. The spread is the difference between the BID and the ASK price in market quotes. 

      • What is a LeverageIn general terms, leverage means borrowed funds. Leverage enables traders to control a large amount of money in forex markets. Nowadays, trading in forex have reached all corners of the globe. This has been possible due to availability of numerous trading platforms and access to credit. Based on the availability of funds in a trader’s account, a leverage or an enhanced limit is allowed to the trader to trade in various foreign currencies. Suppose, your broker allows you a maximum permissible limit in major currency pairs of 50:1. This means, for every dollar you have in your trading account, you are allowed to trade with a maximum of 50 dollars in a major currency. The more dollars you have in trading account the more is the available limit. Leverage enables a trader to make reasonable profit with minimum investment. At the same the risk rises considerably as leverage may result in increased profit or loss both. So, utmost caution should be exercised when using the facility of leverage or borrowed funds. 

      • What is PeggingPegging may be described as the idea of fixing the exchange rate of a specific currency by matching its value to the value of another currency(s) or to another measure of value such as gold/silver. 

      • What is HedgingHedging means opening of a new position in the opposite direction of an existing position on the same instrument. A trader cannot open a new position with insufficient margin in account.  

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      • What is a PositionTotal amount of commitments in a given currency at a specific point of time. A position may be long or short and flat or square. Long position refers to more bought than sold, on the other hand short position indicates more sold than bought. A flat or square position means no exposure. 

      • What is a MarginMargin is the amount required to be deposited as collateral in your account to open a trade. This is done to cover losses resulted from adverse movement of prices. Margin depends on the present market quote of the base currency of the trader’s account vs base currency of the trader’s account, leverage level of the trader’s account and the volume requested.

      • What is a Margin CallA margin call is an instruction from broker to deposit additional funds in account as collateral in order to guarantee current open positions, in case the market moves against a trader’s position(s).

      • What is  Rollover/SwapsTrading in forex generates interest income and capital gains also. Forex is always traded in pairs, it not only involves two different currencies but two different interest rates as well. When the interest rate of the currency a trader bought is higher than the interest rate of the currency a trader sold the trader will gain interest or rollover called positive roll. If the situation is vice versa then the trader will pay rollover called negative roll. Rollover is when the settlement of a deal is rolled over or forwarded to a different date due to a variation in interest rate. A swap is the temporary holding of a security that is then exchanged after a fixed period of time. One needs to calculate the interest rate differential between two currencies to calculate the swap. Rollovers/Swaps add a considerable cost or profit in a trader’s account.

      • What is a DeficitA negative balance of trade or payment. 


      • What is a depreciationA fall in the value of a currency due to economic factors and market forces.

      • What is a One-Click-TradingLets a trader open a new position with just a click of the mouse.
      • What is a DerivativeDerivative is a contract between two or more parties that establishes the value of underlying assets. Examples of such derivative instruments are: Forward Rate Agreements, Floors & Swap Options, Interest Rate Swaps, Options, Caps.
      • What is a DevaluationSpontaneous downward adjustment of a currency by the government of that country in relation to another currency.
      • What is a EuroThis is the currency of the European Monetary Union(EMU) which replaced the European Currency Unit(ECU).
      • What is European Central BankThis is the Central Bank of the European Monetary Union.
      • What is ForexThe global currency exchange market.
      • What is InflationAn economic situation when demand is more than supply and the prices of commodities are rapidly rising in the market. This situation affects the poor harder than the rich. 
      • What is a OptionOption is an agreement that allows the holders to buy/sell a specified security of a specified quantity at a specified price within a set time period. There are two types of options – Call or Put. A ‘Call’ is the right to buy while a ‘Put’ is the right to sell. 

        Sharia Compliant Account is better than commercial accounts if you are engaged with an Islamic bank

        Sharia Compliant Account is an account option offered by Islamic banks which do not follow the commercial banks rules. It is basically held as an interest free account. Since profiting via interest on one’s money is strictly prohibited in Islam. And it is obligatory to Muslims to make sure their money is far from dealings of interest rates. Besides the interest part, one more thing which Sharia compliant account makes sure about is where your money is invested. The money kept in a bank account cannot not be invested in businesses which deal in goods and services that are running on interest rate system. One such example of such prohibited goods or services are alcohol and haram food. According to Sharia Laws in Islamic Financing, money can be used for your benefits in an exchange of goods. Sharia Compliant Account is best suited for people who are not will to take interest on their savings or allow their money to be invested in businesses that are prohibited. So Sharia compliant bank makes sure the transactions your money will be used for are according to Islamic laws and does not involve prohibited activities. Since, investment on alcohol, pork, dead animals, tobacco, or weapons are not allowed. You might wonder how sharia compliant account might benefit both the bank and the account holder. So there is a profit / loss sharing rule between the investor and the bank. Now how does this works, is that there is no fixed interest rate that would be give on specified time period on the savings account. But the amount of profit gained from the money invested from your Islamic account will be shared between the Islamic bank and you. If the profit is high, then higher rates will be transferred to you if the investment fails to profit and makes a loss, then the amount will bored by the bank and you.
        This is the way of banking that makes Sharia compliant Account smooth and easy to do business in Dubai. The argument on interest is vast and we can challenge it at different forums. And to deal with this most Islamic Sharia advisory board member came to conclusion to put an upper limit to the percentage of a company’s interest income. Since, almost every company has makes a profit from interest. So, the members decided to deal with only companies who profit in the certain limit of interest. And avoid the ones who surpass this limit. This approach makes sense in some aspects though. It is important to note that not every Sharia compliant bank follows this particular attitude towards interest. And if they do, they are obligated to inform this to the Sharia Compliant account holder.

        If some amount of money is invested in a property that is to be mortgaged to an applicant then the Sharia compliant savings account owner has an entitlement to the property. To profit from this investment the bank charges rents from the leased property owner for the lease until the total payment is completed. Sharia Compliant current account holders also are required to pay zakat once in a while. This zakat is deducted when and only when it is necessary and the sharia compliant account holder is obligated to. Due to its focus on tangible assets and business regarding the transactions, sharia compliant account and banking not only benefited Muslim countries but also made a great impression on Western society as well. England is one of such example of adopting this banking. And according to reports England’s real estate has made real improvement ever since the integration of Islamic Financing regarding the home loans. Many Englishmen no opt in towards opening Islamic account and make sure their money is in better and transparent use for transactions. That being told, Sharia compliant account make a good fortune for all the stakeholders and provide a balanced economical system. This type of banking has been proved to be the backbone of UAE and Dubai’s economy. Making it one of the strongest, Sharia Compliant account and banking has made people life very easy. To take such type of services one should approach Mashreq bank of Dubai for easy and best services. 

        Most Important Terms In Forex – Going Long – Going Short

        One may be easily confused with most important trading terminology associated with forex trading specially one is a newbie. There are a few basic terms a beginner must be aware of before venturing into world of forex market. 

        What is Long Position?

        When a currency pair is long it indicates the first currency is bought while the second one is sold or short.  In other words a long position means one has decided to buy the first currency in a particular pair of currency under the assumption that the price of the same is going to increase letting one make a profit when one closes his position. So, going long means buying the first currency in a pair. 

        In forex market currencies are always traded in pair e.g. USD/EUR. The first one in the pair is called ‘base currency‘ while the second is called the quote or ‘cross currency‘. 

        Therefore, when it is said a trader is going long on the USD/EUR pair, it indicates that the trader is buying USD (as in this case) the base currency rather than EUR which is cross currency (as in this case). Going long in a specific pair always refers to the position taken specifically to the ‘base currency’.

        Going Short
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        As you can think ‘going short’ is just the opposite of ‘going long’. This means a short position indicates when the first currency in a pair is sold and the second one is bought. When a trader goes short on a currency it emphasizes that the trader expects a decline in its market price. 

        A position either long or short is always expressed in terms of the base currency. In forex trading a trader is always required to go long in one position while simultaneously going short in another or vice versa.   


        Hey Heavy Rush Of Traffic To Your Blog From Reddit Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tricks

        window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-72524586-5’);


        traffic from reddit


        Reddit is a place where people share and exchange information among themselves. Reddit attracts huge visitors daily and that’s why a blogger has a plenty of opportunities to get awesome traffic from this place. If you like to draw traffic from USA and Europe then Reddit is the most ideal place for you as most of the visitors are from USA.

        Reddit has about 175 million unique monthly visitors from 186 countries which makes its page views cross 8 billions monthly and Reddit earns huge advertising revenue from this traffic.

        The trick of earning traffic from Reddit lies in making a few clever and wise comments on a daily basis. Good comments are sure to get upvotes from users and lead to earning ‘karma points’. 

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        How To Draw Huge Traffic From Reddit

        #1) Open an account in Reddit

        #2) Reddit will send a link to your registered email address

        #3) Confirm your email address 

        Now you are a registered and verified users, you are allowed to post links,vote and make comments on Reddit. Now you can join communities also know as  ‘sub-Reddits’ of your choice but always prefer newbies groups like freekarma and others. Just select a few subreddits and post small but cute comments. An example of doing this is /r/earthporn and post simple comments like ‘I would like to visit this place everytime I get an opportunity’ like that. Your ‘karma points’ will grow rapidly.  

        #4) Karma can also be earned easily by going to /r/AskReddit and answer a few questions in a funny/cute way. Another great subreddit to earn karma is ‘/r/todayilearned’. Here you can earn karma by posting links to some cool facts such as ‘TIL that cats are cool’. Search ‘Google’ or ‘Wikipedia’ to get some cool facts & post the link. The cooler the fact the higher the Upvote/’karma points’ you get. First earn some karma points  of newbies by posting comments and participating in vote. To gain confidence and trust of Reddit you need to have patience. You are not required to enter ‘Captcha Codes’ after 20 link karmas. After 200 link karmas you will start earning traffic from Reddit and earn their trust. 

        #5) After getting 20 link karmas you can post links in your ‘sub-Reddits’ groups. Do not post more than 1 link at a time. To post a new link keep a gap of few hours or a day. Never try to post more than 3 links within a few days. 

        When continued to proceed like this, you can expect great source of traffic from Reddit. 

        Be careful about ‘Shadow Ban‘ of Reddit

        Spammers are punished with ‘Shadow Ban‘ by Reddit. Once marked with ‘Shadow Ban’ you will be allowed to post links, comments, upvotes and downvotes but other users will not be able to see you. 

        Consequently, you won’t get any traffic from Reddit to your site, on the other hand you help Reddit to increase its own page views. To avoid getting banned by Reddit or marked with ‘Shadow Ban’ you need to exercise caution and proceed carefully. 

        6 Facts Why You Should Include Robot Txt In Blog For Huge Traffic

        window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-72524586-5’);



        Robot.txt is  a  simple  code  of  text saved in  the  Google Server  which  helps  the ‘Web Crawler’ to  index  your entire blog  and show your  blog  in  the search  results. With the help of this  ‘text file’ you can restrict’Web Crawler’ not to index some of  your unimportant pages. The robots.txt file includes instruction to the ‘Web Crawler’ which pages of your blog are to be indexed and which pages are not.

        All blogs have a default robots.txt file as shown below :-

        User-agent:  Mediapartners-Google
        Disallow: /search
        Allow: /

        When we include this code in blog (Sitemap: it helps ‘Web Crawler’ to index  our blog  faster and  easily. When you attempt to enter this code by going to the ‘Settings’ page you will find a warning there. It says :-

        “Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result your blog being ignored by search engines”. 

        So, one has to be very careful while adding this code to the blog. Follow the following steps :-

        1) Log in to your Dashboard

        2) Click : Settings

        3) Click : Search preferences

        4) Now under ‘Crawlers and indexing’

        5) Against ‘Custom robots.txt’ click ‘Edit’

        6) Now click ‘Yes’ and a small box opens

        7) Now copy the code given above in bold & italic and paste it in    the small box

        8) Now replace ‘‘ with the url of your blog. And you have done it. 

        Explanation of the robots.txt file :

         i) User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

             This code is meant for ‘Google Web Crawler’ which helps them to serve ads related to the blog. This code should not be disturbed.

        ii) User-agent:*
            Disallow: /search

                    This code is an instruction to the ‘Web Crawler’ that the label links are not to be indexed. As a default settings a blog’s lebel links are never indexed by the crawler. If we remove this code the crawler will index the entire blog including lebel links. This code should not be disturbed as well.


                     This code instructs the crawler to index our entire ‘home page’.

        iv) Sitemap:

             This is the sitemap of a blog which includes all our published posts/articles. By adding this code in the blog one can easily improve the crawling rate. Whenever the ‘Web crawler’ starts indexing the pages of a blog it will be easier for the crawler to index all the published posts of the blog. 
        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

        Now to check if it has been done correctly, just copy the sitemap url paste it in another window and hit enter, you will find xml file of all your posts/articles.     

        How To Show Post Title Before Blog Title

        (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

        Showing your ‘post title’ before ‘blog title’ in google search engine can earn you a lot of traffic daily and is a good SEO trick. Google allows 65 characters in the search result title.

        Therefore, if  ‘blog  title’ crosses 65 mark then google is not going to show your ‘post title’ at all. Even if your blog title remains within 65 characters it is impossible to show the complete post title in search engine.

        This is where you suffer most, losing a great amount of your daily traffic. The solution lies in doing something that lets you show the post title before the blog title. If you can do this, you will find within a few days that your volume of viewers is on the rise.

        This can be done within minutes by following a few easy steps :-

        #1) Log in to Blogger Dashboard and click ‘Template’ in the specific Blog from the drop-down menu

        #2) Now click ‘Edit HTML’



        #3) As the HTML page opens click anywhere inside the page and hit Ctrl + F, watch a small box opens at the top right corner

        #4) Now copy the code given below and paste it into the small box at the top right and hit enter

        ——————————————Code to be copied———————————————–


        ———————————————-End of Code————————————————-


        #5) Now, replace the code in yellow with the code as shown below :

        —————————————–Code to be copied————————————————

        <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
        <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
        ————————————————–End of Code————————————————————–
        #6) Click Save at the top and you are done
        Read more

        Priority banking in UAE is most appropriate for big investors

        Most of the high net worth individuals and big corporations are very choosy and selective while taking the services of different types but here we only discuss the banking facilities being provided by top banks of Dubai. The DED is a department in Dubai means Dubai Department of Economic Development is the responsible government body for issuing all licenses for trade services to multinational corporations or individuals. Due to restriction by the local government body, trade services are only be taken in the territory in Dubai and one cannot use these services outside of the Dubai region. Top banks of Dubai and other financial institutions in Dubai along with the support of central government are trying to facilitate the locals as well as the non-residents for doing business in Dubai through investment services and it is very much common in Dubai as it has become a financial hub for rest of the world. The department of economic development has been updating its rules and regulations to act as a one window service center for all licenses regarding trading services in Dubai. In fact, the DED provides remarkable and fast trading services compared to most of the free zones in Dubai in the form of different options in priority services in UAE. In 2011 a new law has been issued to clear the way for things operating in free zones to open branches in Dubai. So now if one investor is trying to invest in any project he/she needs to get a complete permission from the DED. This is a comprehensive article and it provide to complete guidance on doing business in Dubai through an entity registered in one of the free zones in the UAE. Most of the free zones in Dubai, do not allow a company registered with such free zone to do business especially for trade options and also outside the free zone in the mainland of Dubai.
        priority services in UAE
        If a company want to do so it has to provide a license outside of the free zone. The civil work company for the sole purpose of wealth management Dubai can be established to carry on professional activities in Dubai. These companies have contributed a lot in the economy of Dubai and now we can observe the economical points of these effects in the market of Dubai which is now considered as global international market. It is actually a trend setter in the international world as most of the investors are very much interested in taking the services of this market. Now if we talk about the priority packages and the role of top banks of Dubai we cannot separate these two factors from each other at any stage. If a person want to take priority banking in Dubai for that a UAE local service agent will need to be appointed in the civil work company. It is also very much in the main interest of an expat as in the case of a limited liability company a UAE national must legally hold at least 51% of that limited liability company. This means that your local partner is as responsible as you infect a little more than you. As top banks of Dubai are highly involved in the gold trading in Dubai, one needs to clearly how know about their relation. Before going towards the role of the top banks of Dubai we first evaluate the documents requirements that is needed for an investor for the sole purpose of priority services in UAE. First of all an investor needs to show a copy of the corporate documents of the free zone.  Second a copy of the passport that is much needed by all legal bodies in Dubai. The third most important requirement is payment of AED 15, 000 as the Ministry of economy fees. Now we come to our basic point that is role of banking sector. It is clear that Mashreq bank is the most reliable and credible bank as it is one of the oldest bank in Dubai and working from last three decades for gold trading in Dubai. If you are an expat or you are a local, trading services of Mashreq Gold is most appropriate for all to start a small business setup as well as to start a multinational corporation. For further and clear detail about the trading services being offered by this bank, one need to visit the official website of the bank.

        How To Add Email Subscription Form’ To Your Blog

        When your blog is being viewed daily by a lot of people, it’s better to add a ‘Email Subscription Form’ to enable the viewers to get the latest updates of your blog. By doing this not only the viewers come back to your blog again but also the daily number of views rises. 

        Adding email or Feed Subscription Form is easy and can be done by following a few simple steps described below :-

        1) Log in to Blogger Dashboard > click on layout > then Add a Gadget link :-




        2) Click on ‘HTML Java Script’ in the pop-up window :-




        3) Paste the below code in the empty box that opens         



        background:url( no-repeat 0px 12px ;
        padding:10px 0 0 55px;
        margin:0 0 10px 0;
        text-shadow:0 -1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.25);
        font:12px sans-serif;
        margin:6px 2px 6px 2px;
        border:1px solid #ccc;
        box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
        -moz-box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
        -webkit-box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); font-size:13px;
        <div class=”hl-email”>
        Subscribe via Email <form action=”” id=”feedform” method=”post” target=”popupwindow” onsubmit=”‘‘, ‘popupwindow’, ‘scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520’);return true”>
        <input gtbfieldid=”3″ class=”textarea” name=”email” onblur=”if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Enter email address here&quot;;}” onfocus=”if (this.value == &quot;Enter email address here&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}” value=”Enter email address here” type=”text” />
        <input type=”hidden” value=”earningwizard” name=”uri”/><input type=”hidden” name=”loc” value=”en_US”/>
        <input class=”hl-emailsubmit” value=”Submit” type=”submit” />



        CUSTOMIZE :

        1) Replace the url in green to change the email icon
        2) To change Width or Text area change 130px in red
        3) Now, replace      uri=earningwizard‘ with your FeedBurner Email Feed Link

        4) You can get your Feedburner Link by visiting your Feedburner      Account then navigate to Publicize and next to ‘Email            Subscription’ 

        5) Now, replace ‘earningwizard’ with your feed title

        6) Click ‘Save‘ it’s done. Email subscription form is added to      your blog.                  

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

        Private bank Dubai supported the economy of Dubai very strongly

        Now the World has changed from the old traditional era. Due to fast wide web options things have dramatically changed into another aspect of modern life which is most attractive for people who wants to take comfortable. If you have access to a computer with an Internet connection, then for sure you have limitless excess to different goods, services and entertainment choices that one is searching for in the global market of Dubai. As this region has completed shifted into modern and technological machinery everything is on your fingertips in Dubai. Especially when we talk about top banks of Dubai we see that it has contributed a lot in the stable and strong economy and constantly it has been contributing in the total capital of Dubai through latest and fast services like private bank Dubai systems. You can do just about anything online, including your banking and financial transactions by taking the offers of digital banking sector working in Dubai. As we know that everything has two aspects one shows the one side of the picture and other side shows the other side of the picture. So we will discuss here both advantages and disadvantages of digital banking working in Dubai – The most important point of this sector is that it is considered the most secure system in the world. Most of the banks have official security system and these are recommended by local government. So before taking the services of any bank in Dubai make sure that the website you’re using has a valid security certificate. Before visiting the website please check out the ranking of the website. Also check either it is real or fake. All the time hackers are in search of stealing the data and you know that the site of every bank is protected from cyber-thieves looking to steal your personal and financial information.
        You have twenty-four-hour access to your accounts and if it will be down for an hour things will be changed completely so be careful and check the credibility of the bank before taking the private bank Dubai services. When your neighborhood bank closes, you can still access your account and make transactions online by using the digital banking options being provided by that bank. Similarly if you are on a business trip or on a vacation and away from your home, you can still keep a watchful on your money and financial transactions by using digital banking offers. To do a business deal online is generally faster than going to the bank so it is most appropriate for frequent travelers.  So online or through digital banking, there are no lines to deal with. You can access your account instantly and at your leisure time any time and everywhere. If we talk about the corns of the system yes, online banking is generally secure, but it certainly isn’t always secure as things are at risk in online system as it is being controlled by a machine so there is always a risk of security. So I think top banks of Dubai are making much more needy steps but still a lot of work have to do to. Because once your information is hacked by a hacker, it can take months or even years to correct the damage and still after that you have not any guarantee that data will be at the same place like before and also it will costs you much more in dollars to retrieve your data. A private bank Dubai is more stable than others like Mashreq bank of Dubai. It is one of the most reliable and most credible bank in the mid of the city of Dubai. It has been working from last three decades and it is most appropriate as it has been following latest and modern banking technologies. But I will suggest you to physically check out the system of Mashreq bank so that you must be sure to thoroughly do your homework about the bank’s background before giving them any of your money. For further detail check out the official website of the bank.

        Information about best Umrah Visa services are being offered by Mina tours

        Here we are going to discuss about an umrah Visa. Do you know about umrah visa services? Who do not know first I will explain an overview about this because to understand the umrah packages one should have clear idea about the this type of visa and how the process needs to proceed? So umrah visa is a type of visa that is particularly offer to Muslims around the world for their religious customs. How you can get visa, for this most of the time you have to take services from different travel agencies that are frequently worked in this area. To approach them is all because they are dealing with all these matters so it’s better to proceed your case through them. There are two ways to find out the cheapest and best umrah visa options. First is that you can approach or take the services from a nearer travel agency or a travel agent who have good reputation in this area. But the problem is that these people are very much familiar with your background and they can charge you more on a simple services that are usually provided to all other people. This thing is my analysis you may find a travel agent or a travel agency that can offer you best and cheapest umrah packages. This is all about luck and your social circle. Now the second option is you can visit the website of travel agencies because each and everything is completely explained on the online portal. Just you have internet access at the moment and then open the required link of the travel agency and read all the details about umrah via that are being offered by the particular company. Now compare all the rates and terms and conditions of different companies and choose suitable option that is most suitable for you. I suggest you to choose the second option first because now a technology era and everything is available with complete details no need to go personally and made different arguments and logics face to face just first go their website and check their details and with complete homework contact to the specific agency through contact number that is also provided on their website. Make an n appointment and then go personally. Now you will have an edge of information that will be latest and nobody will argue on the rates and packages. This is most appropriate route in my opinion rest is all upon you. After a complete and thorough research I have found the best and cheapest packages. I will explain you my journey how I had found this. I was planning from last 2 years to go for umrah but actually was very busy in my job and due to other personal reason it could not become possible. But this year I had already decide to make a schedule and for sure will go for umrah. As it was my first experience so it was really difficult to take the cheapest and best suited umra packages and how it would be so difficult I had never thought. But I followed the second route that I mentioned in the above paragraph. I started searching the cheapest umrah visa services and after a so long and tough process finally I found my best option and it was mina tours, a UK based travel agency that completely amazed me with their best facilities. I never thought it would become so easy. I approach the agency and submitted my all documents and they told me with best umrah packages offers that were most suitable for me and that I realized when I checked my facilities in Saudi Arabia. Mu residence services were completely perfect and the place of residence was very near to the mosque where I used to go daily. I suggest you all to check mina tours services first for an umrah visa.

        Offshore accounts is a most efficient and tricky way to save your taxes

        Offshore accountsare actually being offered by top banks of most of the developed as well as less developed countries and these accounts are considered very secured and personal accounts. Nobody allowed to get any information about these accounts. Now everybody want to know with much curiosity that what the purpose of these accounts are. So simply and in clear words I will mention that these offshore accounts are most use to save taxes. Especially in Dubai offshore banks are frequently found because the big traders from all over the world come to Dubai very often for business projects and investments deals as Dubai is a golden place in terms of economic purposes. The market of Dubai has a global impact and too much potential that everyone through a little planning can get a lot of profit through a small business setup. Well I ask you a question first that if top banks in most of developed as well as less developed are dealing in this area then can you say that it would be an illegal process? If yes then what are their government bodies doing in their home country? And if it is a legal process then why most of the business tycoons and political personalities are being under threat from courts in their home country. As because of panama leaks many rich traders and investors are facing cases regarding their offshore accounts. Take a deep breath I am going to answer the both questions. But the second question will be answered first. The reason is that it will make a sense about the first question. When panama leaks was a hot debate in world news, most of people were named on the accounts of offshore. We will take two examples first the prime minister of Pakistan and second the prime minister of England. Prime minister of Pakistan has to resign for having offshore accounts for the supreme court of Pakistan not because he had offshore accounts but because of money transfer or money trail through which the money was sent to offshore accounts was illegal. This money sent through an illegal way and it is completely considered as a corruption case. So that’s why he was came to question for his offshore accounts. On the other hand prime minister of great Britain due to having offshore accounts on the name of his father and he have all proofs of it and court and the other party could not proof any illegal money trail so nobody questioned him after he has given the complete documents. So the conclusive point is that having offshore banks accounts is not any illegal process it is completely a legal process and you can save your tax money by using financial strategies that would not question you morally or ethically.

        Dubai has become a mini world and an economic corridor for rest of the world. Trade between Asia and Europe has become compulsory in one or other way bus using the gateway of Dubai. That’s why the state is enjoying many international facilities. People of Dubai are based on mostly foreigners and estimate half of the population of Dubai are outsiders who come to Dubai for business purposes. In this regard the banking sector of Dubai offers the big investors and traders many financial services. Along all other offshore bank accounts are being offered to big investors for the sole purpose security. Many traders from less developed nations put their money in offshore bank accounts of Dubai. It is safest place for their savings. Now someone for sure want to know which one bank is most suitable and best for having offshore accounts. So I will tell you that in my opinion you might be not agreed with me, Mashreq bank of Dubai is best for offshore accountsfor two reasons. First the banks policy is very strict for privacy about offshore accounts and nobody is allowed to get access to someone personal account either it is the government of a state. The second reason is that best financial minds are working that can provide you with best wealth management services. 

        Forex Courses For Beginners





        Forex Courses :

        Although forex market has a lot of advantages than other financial markets in respect of liquidity, 24×7 operation, smooth execution, growing market still only 5 per cent of the traders are actually able to make uniform profit and 90 per cent of the beginners/traders leave the forex market losing their money and remaining 5 per cent are just able to hold their capital – according to statistics of famous forex broker firms. Therefore, it’s easy to understand the importance of a suitable ‘education & training’ before setting foot in forex market.    

        Now, a question may arise in mind “What is the difference between those 5% successful ones and remaining 95% unsuccessful ones?” The answer is simple – there is no difference. The successful ones do the same things as the unsuccessful ones but they do it a little differently. Apart from wisdom, they are armed with :-

        • Education & training
        • Understanding of forex trading system
        • Money Management or understanding the risks
        • Price behavior

        To become a successful player and rich in the forex market one has to undergo ideal and right forex training and education. Many think buying a few books of famous authors can make them a successful trader easily. They are wrong. To understand  the contents of those books one has to undergo practical training under the guidance of experts. There are many ‘forex courses’ available also and one can get much of it for free.

        There are a lot of e-books on forex available online which make false promises of making one rich in a very short period of time. They claim to have discovered certain unique and amazing strategies and formulas which can make the buyers rich very quickly. 

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

        Buyers of these books will be deceived easily if the books are bought and tried without searching the credentials of the authors. The fact is that these authors make more money by selling their e-books than trying their strategies & formulas in the forex makrket themselves.

        If one really needs to become a successful forex trader then one needs to chalk out an unique strategy and trading plan of one’s own. One must be aware that a strategy in forex market working excellently for someone else may not work for others. Because every strategy includes a number of dos and donts. 

        Simply, copying a strategy of somebody else without knowing its all aspects may bring disaster. Developing one’s own game plan needs a lot of data and technical analysis which is nowadays easily available in the web. One needs to be aware of ‘indicators’, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, the Stochastic, RSI and also about breakout methodology.

        One can search the web for these technical points and learn about them on free chart services offered by a number of websites.

        If one is looking for some great books written by the leaders in forex market and who have become legends in forex trading, you can do so here. 

        Trading successfully in the forex market is not a very easy task specially for the beginners. Therefore, entering the market without confidence and knowledge may make you pay because the market is – forex. 

        Bloggers Uncover And Rediscover The All Time Mystery Of Keywords For Your Blog With These Simple Finest Tips Read Now

        (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


        Tips for Keywords for Blog


        What Are Keywords?

        When we search about anything in a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo we type a few words in the search column about that subject/topic. What search engine does is to search its database based on those words and presents a number of search results. We can view the search results spread to a number of pages such as Page 1, 2, 3 indicated at the bottom. The words so typed are called keywords

        Search results always vary based on the keywords the searchers use. It has been observed when surfers search for anything in the search engines they generally use a few words instead of only a single word. The most relevant  keywords used result in the most perfect ‘search results’.

        Keywords are extreme important for your articles as the search engines find your pages based on how relevant your keywords are. The quickly the search engines find your pages the greater will be your daily traffic.

        In Adsense, Keywords are ultimate race winners. Keywords are powerful enough to boost your daily traffic from a few to thousands or more. Use of relevant keywords enable thousands of visitors find and view your blog daily.

        The keywords are also important in the sense as these words finally determine the type of ads Adsense is going to display in various pages of your blog/website. When the best CPC keywords are selected, higher income is within your reach with higher volume of traffic. 

        Keywords must also be related to the niche otherwise they are going to ruin the traffic for your blog. 

        Keyword Tools

        There are a number of websites to help you with keywords you should use in your articles effectively and with positive results.

        #1) Keyword Planners by Adwords



        Google’s free ‘keyword planner’ with Adword is an excellent source of obtaining relevant keywords for your posts. In the above screen short you can see the keywords in the first column and number of times it has been searched by viewers in the second column. You can type your keyword at the bottom and click ‘Add’ and can instantly see its search popularity.

        #2) Similarly you can take the help of Semrush


        You will be astonished to find all the details of any keyword you type in the box, so methodically. Plan your keyword accordingly.

        #3) Planning your keyword with MOZ is a good idea :-


        Go to the Website and soon you will understand its friendly interface and be benefited immensely. 

        #4) Similar help is available from Keywordtool also:-



        #5) Taking help of Ubersuggest is great as well :-



        While planning your keywords try to choose them by evaluating its history such as number of times it has been searched, ranking, competition and many more aspects you will find in the above helpful websites.


        Medical Insurance is must for all people live in Dubai

        Medical insurance is an important segment that should be consider at individual level because it is directly related to your health matters. Almost in all developed nations or states medical insurance is necessary and a requirement if you want to do a job or you are engaged in some business activity. People are very well aware about the medical insurance policies offered by different insurance companies and they avail these services for the unexpected happenings. Medical insurance in Dubai is must before you are going to join a company. For foreigners the certificate is compulsory before going to apply for visa in Dubai embassy everywhere in the world. Now the big investors are very much interested in insurance sector running in Dubai and many private insurance companies are providing services regarding insurance as well as other.  Suppose you are an expat and live in Dubai for job purposes and if you have a proper medical certificate all the expenses will be managed by your company if in case you have any medical problem and that’s why developed nations like UAE provide facilities to their people. Everyone knows the almost half of the population of Dubai comprised on foreigners so their medical insurance is a big area to deal. Now we will analyze how insurance companies in Dubai provide medical facilities and what are their requirements along with their medical packages.

        Due to fast growing economy of UAE, people from all over the world come to Dubai for a better living and in this way a lot of skillful workers are available in Dubai state who work under different projects. So for every company that is involved in a project is bound to provide medical insurance for their employees otherwise it would be considered illegal; and the person who is working without medical insurance will be deported. So big corporations under strict law never made such a mistake and before time arranged the required documents along with medical insurance of their employees. For this purpose they seek help from top insurance companies working specifically in insurance sector and have best services in that area. There are number of insurance companies working in Dubai and all are providing policy along with life or car insurance. Best insurance companies have their own websites and these online portals at first gave you the basic and formal information about the medical insurance policies. For this purpose there are made different portals and each one is specific for particular policy. Let’s suppose you want to avail the medical insurance policy just click at the insurance policies and there will open a bar that show you different insurance policies. Choose medical insurance from them and open the portal. Now you are at your place and now read the information about all these offers. There would be certain terms and condition read all carefully to understand the strategy plan. After having basic guidance from the website go to the contacts details and now you can approach your desired insurance company purely for medical insurance purpose.

        After a thorough research it is find out that other than best insurance companies there are top Dubai banks that provide insurance policies and among all Mashreq bank is best in providing medical insurance services.  It is an oldest bank in Dubai and is working very efficiently from last two decades. It is also important to know that why Mashreq bank is best from other banks working in Dubai? The reason is that big investors are engaged with this bank and they invest large amount every year. The investment is like an oxygen for banking sector. All they need is investment from different traders so that they could run maximum investment policies to generate revenue. Du to best professional minds Mashreq bank is going at top from all other banks. These experts are managed the whole system through different and perfect services for their clients and their clients only rely on them. So in financial matters what you need is only an expert opinion who is the master of this area and his/her advice is very valuable when you are going to deal with a bank for insurance purposes. For best services and packages Mashreq bank is most suitable option for this purpose. 

        How To Make Money In Forex – Using These 5 Secret Tricks

        Although, forex market is a risky area of profession specially for newbies and about half of the traders lose money,  still a lot of people are entering into this trade daily. It has been observed many of those losing money never follow a well-thought and well-planned strategy of investment. Instead their trading is mainly aimed at betting

        In this article an effort has been made to make the traders aware of certain ‘Must’ to remain always in the safe zone in forex market and at the same time increase the chances of making reasonable profit in most of the trades.

        5 Secret Tricks To Make Money In Forex





        #1) Nobody can be a good player in the market without undergoing a good training and without attending seminars, workshops arranged by experts in this field. To be a good trader and expert in forex market first try to develop skill and knowledge. Unless you are capable of charting your trades and learn how to apply indicators to calculate the right time of entry/exit of a trade, you can never expect to make money.
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        #2) Not to mention it’s always prudent to select the right trading system before entering forex market. There are various types of trading system available with all online ‘Broking Firms’. By applying a certain level of software like charting & auto trades saves both time and labour. Using total auto trading system should be adopted with caution.

        #3) A suitable trading plan is the pillar of success in forex market. An ideal trading plan works like a compass and a navigator for a trader without which the ‘trading boat’ is most likely to capsize. The trader cannot reach any goal and make money without a ‘fail safe’ trading plan.

        #4) A trader can never be a successful one without following a disciplined approach to forex trading. A disciplined trader is one who always sticks to predetermined ‘trading plan’ and never get affected with emotions such as greed or fear. Following the preset stop-loss and target irrespective of anything else is the right disciplined way of trading. Greed may influence a trader for more and may prevent from making profit at predetermined level while fear may push a trader to leave the trade early. A disciplined trader is one who never gets affected with emotions.  

        #5) Money Management is the next most important aspect a trader should think about in forex market. It may be termed as controlling risk with the use of appropriate ‘stop loss’ in each & every trade. Using right calculated ‘stop loss’ balances potential for profit against potential for loss. Use your brain to select the right trade out of thousands where risk of suffering loss is very low but the potential for making profit is reasonably far better in forex market.   


        How To Create Super Attractive And Viral Post That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog

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        blogger attractive post
        Bloggers Create Attractive Post

        This is the question often asked and searched by the bloggers. Making a blog professionally designed and highly eye catching in appearance are not enough to get wonderful volume of traffic. One might be wondering what the blog still lacks that viewers seldom visit it. Getting even a few hundred views daily is not an easy work.

        As far as my experience goes getting an online presence takes time, may be even a few years and involves a lot of hard work and devotion. You can’t expect your blog to soar high as soon as it is published. Allow viewers required time to like it.

        Your blog becomes effective and unique when you punch creative posts with professional design and layout. The game starts changing when viewers get spontaneously involved in your articles and cannot leave your post till the last word. You may certainly expect these viewers to come back again. The essence of creation is so strong that viewers revisit your blog just to find if there is any new post for them.

        Here are the ways to creativity of your blog :

        • Ideal Bloggers’s Platform : If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple and easy to understand interface. Read : 9 Ways About How To Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform That Keeps You Growing
        • Name Of Your Blog or Custom Domain : When applying for a blog or custom domain, try to keep it shortest possible and easily memorable. Think of ‘Twitter’ ‘Facebook’ ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Google’. Read : 7 Awesome Domain Name Generators For Your Awesome Blog
        • Choosing Your Topic : A lot depends on choosing the right topic to be successful. Always try to choose a topic much in demand these and widely searched in the internet. Topics such as ‘Loan & Finance’, ‘Job Opportunities’, ‘Home Loans’, ‘Home Business’, ‘Earning Opportunities’, ‘Mortgage & Refinance’, ‘Forex & Insurance’ can draw a fair volume of traffic. Read How To Start A Business With Only 5 Profitable Niche Blog Topics That May Make You Millionaire
        • Always do a lot of home work and study about how to draft the main topic of your blog to give it a touch of depth. This will enable you to stand out from the crowd and give you a permanent place in the minds of the readers. 
        • Discover how to write the most effective and impressive headlines for your post. Read to find more help from here
        • Devote your post to only one topic and not too many because this makes your blog inept. When you make a blog on earning you may include all positive earning opportunities and not any other topic such as physical activity or movies
        • Always invite comments and request readers to inspire you
        • Always create the first paragraph of your post ingenious because readers will feel encouraged to read on the next paragraphs only when they are aptly impressed by the first few lines. 
        • Ideal Length of the blog : This is a point to debate but generally it is believed that the length of the blog should be at least 250 to 300 words. Many are of the opinion that less than 250 words cannot explain and describe a subject properly. A lot of experienced bloggers also feel that the number of words should be anywhere between 500 to 1000. It is said when applying to Adsense for approval there should be at least 2 to 3 well drafted posts of at least 1200 words. It has been observed that extremely short (less than 250 words) and extremely high (around 2000 words) posts never rank as high in SEO as posts of a fair length. Read How To Get Adsense Approval On 1st Attempt
        • Use techniques such as Heading/Sub Heading, Capitals/Small bold/Italic, bullet wisely to make your blog more attractive and readable. Use of paragraph is also important for your blog.
        • Images : Images have their own language of expression and capable of making your blog meaningful and awesome. Read These 9 Tips About 10 Top Websites For Copyright Free Photos For Your Blog To Double Your Business  
        • Showing Recent Posts Side By Side : Adding a recent post widget has got an immense value as it enables the viewers to find all your attractive posts quickly with the click of a mouse. A recent post widget always gets automatically updated whenever you make a new post. Read :’Top Recent Post Widget For Your Blog’

        Being A Beginner How To Become Rich In The Forex Market Reading These Powerful Yet Simple 5 Tips

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        forex market
        forex market

        Forex Trading For Beginners

        Understanding the factors that impact the forex market is indispensable. The factors that have a profound influence on the forex market must be understood first before you start activity in this arena.

        1)The most powerful factor that affects the exchange price of a currency and its daily movement relates to the condition/strength of the economy of that particular country. The most crucial factor may be termed as the balance of trade

        When the value of exports of a country is greater than what it imports it is called a trade surplus or positive balance. On the other hand when import is greater than export it is called a negative balance or trade deficit. The greater the trade deficit of a country the weaker will be its exchange value against other currencies. 

        When the government of a country takes positive steps to improve its ‘balance of trade’ and is successful in reducing its ‘negative balance’ – its currency will also strengthen in the market.

        2) Similarly, the annual fiscal ‘budget deficit‘ of a country is powerful enough to rate the exchange value of its currency. A ‘budget deficit’ indicates the expenditure of a country is greater than its income or ‘revenues’. It’s an indicator of the financial health of a economy. The ‘budget deficit’ commonly refers to ‘government spending’ rather than individual spending but may be applied to all these entities.

        3) Inflation or recession of the economy of a country is also a decisive factor affecting the exchange value of a currency. Inflation may be termed as the long time rise in the prices of goods & services of a country caused by the devaluation of its currency. 

        When the ‘inflation‘ is rampant the exchange value of a currency is sure to slide downward and the loses its demand also. A country suffering from long term inflation loses its credibility in the eyes of the world as ‘inflation’ diminishes the purchasing power of a country to buy goods and services from other countries. 

        Inflation is the result of a sustained increase in the general price level. Long term inflation has an adverse effect on the economy as it eats up savings and capital and lessens the purchasing power of the country.

        At the same time, Economists are of the opinion that a moderate inflation, generally 2 per cent is desirable for the economy, as it has various positive effects also.

        4) During recession, (Example: USA in 2008)the economy gets a tremendous setback with purchasing power of the people coming to minimum due to low salaries and lack of income. The goods and services cannot be bought by the people resulting in a tremendous slump in production. The exchange value of the currency of a country suffers due to both high inflation or recession.

        In this situation, the government has to take drastic steps, release funds from the federal reserve to save the economy from disaster. When recession comes down and moderate inflation starts playing again, the exchange value of the currency rises also.

        5) Politics also plays a vital role in determining the value of a currency and its exchange rate. Economic policies of the government largely depend on the ideology and faith of a political party. So, changes in the government of a country is quickly reflected in its exchange rate. When a popular political party favored by the world comes to power the value of the currency of that country goes up. 

        Contrary, when a hard line political party viewed negatively by the world community comes to office, the exchange value of the currency is most likely to come down.

        The above factors are to be taken into consideration while dealing with various currencies in the forex market.




        Simple Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners

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        simple forex trading strategy
        simple forex trading strategy



        Simple Forex Trading Strategies

        A forex trading strategy is typically a way or method that shows how to trade in foreign currencies. Methods of trading in foreign currencies are most crucial and secret in the way to success. An absolute understanding of these strategies is indispensable otherwise trading approaches are bound to become futile and frequent loss may arise. One has to be aware of the factors that are most often responsible for incurring a loss. Traders all over the world follow lots of foreign exchange trading strategies and every strategy has its own set of rules and indicators.

        Foreign exchange trading strategies enable the traders to locate potential opportunities to achieve maximum profits in the short term. Every strategy has its own merits and demerits. An experienced trader always selects and relies on the type of strategy that benefits him/her the most. Before opting for any specific method this is also very important to decide on whether the trader prefers a long term investment or maximum profit with minimum risks in the short term.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These forex trading methods are designed to make more funds available to the investors, optimize the scope of earning and exploiting foreign exchange trading to advantages. Following these methods with accurate calculations and indicators benefits the investors to earn consistently in the short term variations in the forex market.

        An important foreign exchange trading method is ‘automated entrance order’, a technique that allows financiers to become part of forex trading when the rate is best suited to them. ‘Quit loss order’  is another method frequently followed by traders/investors which enables them to keep losses at the minimum. This technique has its own demerits as well.

        All these strategies are designed keeping in mind the factor of gain or profit in all occasions and minimize losses. Comprehension of these methods/strategies is vital to become successful in the forex market. So, before choosing any particular technique, it is foremost important to learn the technique and become conversant with it under expert guidance.

        Guidelines Before Adopting Any Strategy

        Money Management : This is the most crucial of all. Without thinking about pros and cons many traders enter trades using more number of lots out of greed. Although, they may gain on some occasions at first but ultimately they lose when the trades go against what they had anticipated. When the ‘margin requirements’ fall short due to losses, they are either forced to close the trades or the broking firm closes the trades themselves.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Try to select a few trades only that are potentially the best, with minimum risk and not many. Manage funds in your trading account in a wise manner. If you have $1000 in trading account, do not use the entire money in trades but a part of it.

        If the entire money is invested and in case anything goes wrong then you may have to close the trade to avoid major losses. If a part of the amount is invested, then one need not close the trade all on a sudden and may wait until the trade turns into one’s favour.

        Following Forex Strategies : These days all broking companies offer ‘Demo Account’. Whichever strategy is followed, it must be first tested in a ‘demo account’. Doing this one becomes confident about the strategy i.e. whether it is working and winning before putting it into real trading platform. A strategy may be a simple one containing basic indicators; medium strategy with default indicators or custom indicators available with most broking firms or the strong/complex strategy armed with custom indicators.

        Islamic loan through Islamic banks of Dubai

        When we talk about the Islamic banking in UAE it is completely different from the traditional or we can cay that from commercial banking system. If we see the past it was established in 1970’s, UAE imposed strong foot print in the different industries and became a point of attraction for big players of Global business sector with the help of banking sector.  Well first of all we will see the UAE Financial Sector which is now a days is a strong sector in the world. The actual exports of UAE are almost equal to the total budget of the India and Pakistan. Financial sector is the most important sector of UAE, 60 percent economy of UAE is based on it. With addition of Islamic banking in UAE, the economy gets reboots with a strong speed. If analyze the economy of UAE before 1970’s all the economic transactions were controlled by conventional banking. But today banking sector of Dubai are very much involve in the Islamic loan through Islamic banks by covering 90 percent of the whole financial sector. But gradually after 1970’s a new concept was been evolved and it changed the complete view of the banking sector of Dubai at 180 angle and whole global financial industry which also effected the financial sector of UAE. This concept is known as Islamic banking in UAE. The reason behind the Islamic banking in UAE popularity is that it doesn’t help only one people, rather it benefits the society as a whole. There is no interest rate in the Islamic banking system and it is complete different from conventional banking system at all and in all aspects. So first of all we all should have an idea about the basic concept of Islamic banking in UAE. Let’s discus how the concept of Islamic banking in UAE was introduced? The concept of Islamic banking in UAE was introduced in 1970 by Mashreq Al Islami. The idea of Islamic principles and Sharia based banking given by Mashreq Al Islami bank was so successful that it laid the foundation of new banking system in UAE and all-round the globe in the form of Islamic banking in UAE.
        System of Islamic banking in Dubai

        Now this system is very much popular in Dubai and in all Middle East. Majority of the population in Dubai prefer Islamic banking for all type of services. Soon after the popularity of Dubai Islamic bank, Islamic financial achieved many other targets in the form of another international Islamic development with the collaboration of Saudi Arabia and UAE. With this collaboration Islamic banking has flourished very fast and now a days what we see is the real picture of Islamic banking in UAE. The most important point in Islamic banking in UAE is the fast Development in Islamic Financing due to investors from all over the world. Most of the high net worth individuals as well as the multinational corporation are interested in Islamic loan due to no interest rate factor. Different products and solutions were suggested by leading financial scholars which helped this concept to expand the horizon of Islamic banking and therefore takaful solutions, sharia compliant management, ijara and Islamic loaning system are the initial development in this area.
        Offers by Mashreq Al Islami in Dubia for locals
        Today, Islamic banking in UAE has capture a total 25% market share in UAE Financial sector. When we observe the Future of the Islamic banking we see that I has a bright future in the near future due to its vast investment projects all over the world. UAE is a country recently coming out of the economic crisis with the help of its banking sector. Now it is trying hard to boost the growth in every sector and especially financial sector which is the heart of Economy. Now the medium sized business are very much popular in Dubai as investments are easily available for this purpose. Beside this Mashreq Al Islami bank provide all type of Islamic banking solutions for locals and expatriates to manage their banking tasks in a proper Islamic way. For further details about the Mashreq Al Islami one can visit the official website of the bank as complete detail is available for all.

        Features And Types Of Forex Brokers


        forex broker


        Since forex is an open market and not traded in an exchange, it may be described as an unregulated market. It may lead to variation in prices i.e. the price you get from a particular broker may differ from another. 

        Choosing the right broker is crucial for your success in forex. It involves a lot of time and risks too, specially when so many forex brokers are available in the internet. 

        Since, the forex market is not equipped with stringent regulations and guidelines for operation of forex brokers, it gives opportunity to unscrupulous and dishonest brokers to adopt unethical means to manipulate trades of individual clients to increase their own profit. 

        So, it can be clearly imagined how important it is to choose the right broker for success. Forex brokers may be mainly classified into two groups :-

        Market Makers(MMs): This is the most common type and the vast majority of forex brokers fall in this category. These type of brokers do not have direct access to the market and function as an intermediary to the inter-bank market. They trade in large blocks of currency on the inter-bank market and then breaking them into smaller units for small individual traders. 

        Many traders believe, when an individual trader loses money in a trade it goes to the broker. Individual traders usually have to accept prices their brokers offer to them. As these prices are single sourced they may not be competitive also. 

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        Since, these powerful forex market makers maintain their own currency pool, they are capable of dictating the price feed(bid/ask) leading to spike prices, manipulate spreads and ultimately triggering the ‘stop loss’. However, there are advantages of these type of brokers also, specially when free charting software, updated news and user friendly analytical interface are taken into consideration. 

        The Pros & Cons of these type of brokers may be divided as follows :

        • Individual traders are supplied with free charting software and news feed
        • Prices they quote are likely to be less volatile when compared to ECN Brokers
        • They also offer user friendly interface


        • They can always take a position against you.
        • They are likely to adopt unethical means to manipulate prices and triggering stops to prevent you from reaching targets and that’s only because they have taken a losing position against you 
        • The prices they offer may sometimes be far worse than ECN Brokers
        • They usually discourage scalping by having a minimum ‘stop loss’ in place otherwise scalping execution may be complicated

        ECN Brokers (Electronic Communications Network):

        Electronic communication network offer direct access to inter-bank markets. They have access to multiple banking sources and are always better placed to offer competitive price quotes to individual traders in forex market. These sort of brokers offer individual traders the ability to post their own bid/ask rates. 

        Consequently, the individual traders find multiple bid/ask prices offered by fellow spot traders and liquidity providers(banks) and not by forex brokers. In the absence of conflict of interest there is little reason for ECN traders to go for unethical practices. These days, the number of ECN brokers are increasing rapidly indicating their increasing popularity among individual traders.

        • You may expect superb bid/ask prices as they are not single sources and come from different institutions including banks
        • Spreads between bid and ask prices may be very small or almost zero
        • They will never create a position against your and on the contrary pass on your orders to a bank or other fellow customers 
        • You may easily offer a price between bid and ask and may expect of it getting filled 
        • You can prevent slippage by making sure that your order either gets filled at the prices you offered or not at all
        • Prices may be more volatile which is better for scalping 

        Cons :
        • Most of them do not offer latest updated news in forex market
        • Most of them fail to offer integrated charting software 

        Where To Find A Good Training In Forex

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        training in forex
        Training in Forex Trading


        The forex market or currency market is a global decentralized market for trading of currencies and the main participants are larger international banks. Financial Centers all over the world function as anchors of trading among a wide range of buyers & sellers of the world round the clock. The forex market determines the relative exchange values of various countries.

        Trading in Forex is one of the attractive options of earning these days. Unlike other markets forex market is totally decentralized. Deals are done with the help of modern digital network over the entire world. The market has no fixed hours of operations with the exception of weekends and can be done by all individuals with the help of a computer and internet connection.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Like all other market forex market has also its ups & downs and to make gains you need to acquire low as well as high market. One can make huge amount of profit and it is true foreign exchange market opens up new opportunities. A beginner must understand the basics of the market before venturing into it as many unfortunates suffer significant monetary losses.

        The brokers always try to supply its clients the best tips and present trend of the market True these tips and news go a long way and enable the clients to make considerable gains in the market. The reality is that the beginners must have the ability to understand and analyze the tips supplied by the broker.

        That’s why you need to undergo a dependable training course that will make you confident in the market and enable you to plan your unique strategy.

        Read : Selecting A Broker Is Not All, Selecting A Suitable Trading Plan Is Equally Important

        The charts, ratios, calculations cannot make profit themselves. It involves knowledge and expertise of the individual trader to make use of them. This knowledge and wisdom come from a proper training, practice and devotion.

        There are a lot of institutions available over the entire globe that specialize in monetary market. All these training programs are mainly online and anyone can apply for it online. The secret of forex earning lies in true knowledge and an effective training. A realistic training from a competent institution can make you an expert in the forex market.

        You should look for an institution that offers you a dummy account so that you have a lot of practice as you learn with them the principles of forex market. Practice in a dummy account is essential as it will prevent loss of your valuable fund if you make a blunder. When you become confident about your knowledge only then you should start trading in your real account.

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Having a computer and an internet connection is not enough to trade in this market. If a person enters this market without sufficient knowledge and loses everything, then the market is not responsible for this and it’s actually he who is to blame.

        Sometimes, there comes a time in the market when just watching is better than entering a deal. An experienced trader can only know these situations. When you have just set foot in the market, you must know the dangers and risks also. There are people who suffered huge loss and left the market for good. To prevent this type of tragedy what you need is a comprehensive training by experts and professionals or reputed firms.

        Read : Essentials Of A Foreign Exchange Broker

        A true course on forex market may arm you with sufficient insight so that you can understand on when to enter the market on a broker’s tips and when not to do anything and just remain indifferent. A complete and comprehensive training is always better than a short crash course.

        A quick crash course of short duration teaches you a rough idea and outline of the market and seldom touches critical points risk factors of the market. Whereas, a comprehensive course covers every pros an cons of the market, its rules & regulations and really can make you an expert.

        You must be fully aware of the laws and regulations of the government of the country you live in. When you enter the market after completion of a total training with confidence and clear look out, you will be able to realize how the forex market operates over the entire globe and how its condition is at present.

        Apart from a complete training, you need a lot of reading of analysis, reviews, assessments, trend, present condition of the world economy written by experts in this profession and published in various reputed forex magazines and journals.

        As per latest reports, about 100 journals, 162 conferences and 30 workshops are dedicated to forex trading at present and about 366,282 articles are published on the current trends in the forex market. You can get a number of useful information on various forex journals, mags and reviews here  

        Some Reputed Forex Broker :-

        • Hot Forex  (Location : Ebene, Mauritius)
        • Global Prime (Location : Sydney, Australia)
        • Fx Pro  (Location :London, U.K.)
        • Activ Traders (Location : London, U.K.)
        • TICKMILL  (Location : London, U.K.)
        • ATC  (Location : Los Angels U.S.A)
        • FXCM ( Branches in various countries of the world)
        • Hirose  (Location : London, UK)
        • SBIFX  (Location : Tokyo, Japan)
        • Interactive Brokers ( Branches in various countries of the world including India, Japan, Hong Kong, UK)

        12 Amazing Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Instantly

        Without sufficient amount of traffic an article becomes a failure. Generating huge volume of traffic is the lifeline of earning money from Adsense as well. There are a lot of websites nowadays that offer to send considerable amount of traffic in exchange of a fixed price payable either monthly or annually. 

        But we must not forget, there are an equal number of tool and ways to increase blog traffic as well. These tools and ways are completely free but at the same time very effective. 

        Today, I am going to show you those 15 easy and interesting ways to draw more viewers for your posts. If implemented, I am sure they are powerful enough to give positive results withing a short span of time.

        #1)Free Tool:Blog Commenting          

        Blog commenting is a very powerful and effective free way of enhancing number of blog viewers. It is quite similar to ‘forum marketing’ but differs only in terms of platform it uses. You must have noticed, in almost all blog platforms there is a box at the end of the article to post the url of your website and your comment. If your comment is quite interesting to draw other’s attention, they will click on your link leading to instant traffic to your blog. 

        But while following this easy way of increasing traffic, one must be very careful not to create a comment spam. One may be permanently blocked to post any comment in a website/blog because of this. 

        It’s better not to post any comment unless your comment is directly relevant to the topic. 

        The alternative advantage of commenting is that even if a boost in direct traffic is not noticed, still the ‘search engine’ is able to observe your link and some traffic is automatically sent to your website or blog. 

        #2)Free Tool:Content Aggregators   

        A top content aggregator is capable of sending vast traffic to you if you get your site listed with them. A site that collects posts and articles is called an ‘aggregator’ and they usually do have a larger and broader readership base. 

        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You may surely expect traffic to your website when a link of your site is posted by you on these immensely popular platforms. But remember, they do not accept just any site and specially if the site is new.

        Top 6 Content Aggregators 

         i) AllTop

        So far, this site is regarded to be the best content aggregator. This site focuses on collection of articles/posts from the best blogs only and theses articles are listed on a singular platform. So, your articles must be of high quality, uncommon, informative and unique to obtain AllTop’s approval. There are a wide number of niches to select from.

        ii) BlogEngage

        BlogEngage is a blogging community where all are welcome to submit their articles for exposure, backlinks and traffic. 

        This is a strong platform where all can share and publish their quality posts and may be benefited with a surge in traffic. The posts are also linked to popular social media platforms as well.

        All articles received here are sent to the upcoming page where users read and vote them on the basis of quality and popularity. Only those posts winning enough votes are published and are found on the home page. 

        iii) BizSugar

        This site delivers the content to small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs providing them with opportunities for growth.

        However, one needs to be active before sharing their own blog links to avoid a ban. For more information visit the above link.

        iv) BloKube

        This platform was actually created by the blogging community to share and publish good articles on a wide range of niches.

         v) AffDaily 

        It’s a free customizable affiliate marketing blog, news and twitter aggregator. This place summarizes new posts and tweets across the popular affiliate blogs and affiliate twitter accounts. 

        This is a good place if one wants to work in the affiliate marketing niche. You may also refer to similar type of affiliate marketing aggregators like AffBuzz or Yakezie.

        vi) InBound

        Inbound focuses on attracting new customers with relevant and helpful contents. With Inbound potential customers find you through blogs, search engines and social media. It’s an ideal place to share and publish blog content on marketing. 

        #3)Free Tool:Forum        Marketing 

        A great way of marketing your articles and raise blog traffic is to register in various forums and take part in discussion on the topics and niches you are interested in. You may also take part in answering various queries and questions on your subjects. If the readers are satisfied in your answers, more readers will read your answers and in return you will be rewarded with a steady flow of traffic.

        Forum marketing is one of the easiest ways of directing traffic to the blog. To make the members of various forums aware of your identity and to ensure frequent visit of the viewers, just pay attention to creating your own and unique ‘Forum Marketing Signature’. Other members will know about your identity from your signature and will also know where they can read more of your articles.

        #4)Free Tool:Twitter

        Twitter is well known for its innumerable number of daily visitors. Create a habit of making a twit on a regular basis. Over the period one can expect sizeable number of daily visitors to your blog. Many bloggers use various ‘WordPress plug-ins’/automation tools to post urls of their blogs to redirect traffic from twitter to their own blogs.

        #5)Free Tool:eBay

        eBay is one of the biggest online marketing platform which receives millions of daily visitors. A large chunk of these visitors may be directed to your blog. The trick is very simple. Just post a product at a very cheap or discounted price and post the url of your blog for more information and availability. 

        You may be assured a large number of visitors will view your post and click your link to be finally directed to your blog. Other such remarkable platforms that may be used are ‘CraigsList’ and ‘Amazon’.

        #6)Free Tool:RSS feed

        When your blog is being viewed by a lot of people daily it’s better to add a ‘Email Subscription Form’ to enable the viewers to get notified whenever a new post is published. This is done via an RSS feed. Feed Burner by Google is a popular tool to manage RSS feed. 
        Read more

        #7)Free Tool:Robot.txt

        Robot.txt is a simple code of text saved in the ‘Google Server’ which helps the ‘Web Crawler’ to index your entire blog and show it in the search results.
        Read: How To Add Robot.txt In Your Blog 

        #8)Free Tool:Great Content

        Writing a great content is the core of everything. Nothing works better to draw huge traffic than a great content. Attractive content encourages visitors to return to your blog repeatedly and also share them in social media. 
        Read: How To Create Super Attractive Posts That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog

        #9)Free Tool: Guest Blogging

        Guest blogging or writing articles for well known bloggers is a wonderful way of getting more traffic. Guest post should be made only for very popular websites/blogs that draw large number of viewers on a daily basis. 

        Nice posts will bring invitation from other bloggers to make more posts leading to more viewers. You can also invite other bloggers to write good content in your blog as well. This will your broaden your viewer base quite a lot. 

        #10)Free Tool: Design & Layout

        Following the same design and layout for a long time become monotonous to the viewers. The viewers lose interest when they see the same layout and appearance of your blog again and again. 

        To get rid of this negative factor, change your template after a few months and use a different ‘seo-friendly’ simple and attractive template. This will help a lot bring new visitors to your blog. Do not forget to customize your template. 
        Read: Best Free Premium WordPress Templates For Your Blog

        #11)Free Tool: Google Webmaster       Tools 

        The aim of having a reasonable volume of traffic to blog is achieved easily when you submit your blog or website to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’. This facilitates proper indexing quickly and leads to a boost in the volume of traffic. 
        Read: Add Your Blog-Website To Google
        Webmaster Tools

        #12)Free Tool: Add A XML Sitemap

        A XML Sitemap enables the search engine bot to find all the posts of your blog and index it quickly and efficiently.
        Read: How To Add A XML Sitemap Of Your Blog To Webmaster Tools                    

        7 Easy Ways To Keep Visitors Longer In Your Blog



        We spend a lot of time to make a post. We also hope the post be read by thousands of visitors and the link gets a very high ranking in SEO. But the sad thing is that majority of the readers leave the blog reading only the first few lines. Some even do not bother to read a few lines, just enter and exit. This becomes highly depressing for the blogger. 

        These visitors who click your link and immediately leave your site make the ‘bounce rate’ very high. Consequently, the ‘search engine’ thinks your blog is not relevant to a subject and degrades ranking. Contrary, if the visitors stay on your site for longer time, it’s very positive in terms of SEO.

        The problem is that how to make the visitors the visitors stay longer time in your site and return again and again. 

        The problem may be solved by making some little changes and including a few things in your post. 
        (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

        1) Write An Impressive Title That Your Visitors Cannot Discard :

        The first line that your the eyes of your visitors come in contact with your article is the Title or Header. The best titles always influence the regular readers to interact with your blog. A great title can dramatically change the way the visitors will look your blog and make your ranking very satisfactory in SEO. 

        Now how to write an impressive title :

        Get outstanding help to create your exclusive & unique title

        2) Unique And Elegant Blog Design :

        Creating an unique and elegant design is highly effective to draw a lot of daily traffic. It creates a permanent impression in the minds of the viewers about your Website. The first impression must be good and lasting. A lot may be said about how to create an unique design for your blog. It includes from adding essential ‘widgets’ to choosing a SEO friendly ‘template’ and many more. You may have a look at the following articles for your benefit. 

        Read : Top Recent Post Widgets For Your Blog

                          Best Free WordPress Premium Templates For You 

                          9 Ways To Choose The Ideal Bloggers Platform That Keep You Growing

        3) Add Images, Graphics & Illustrations To        Your Blog : 

        One image is equal to 1000 words. So, adding the right image for your blog is very important. If you have plan to make money with ‘Adsense’ the image must be copyright free. 

        You can get a lot of copyright free images from various sites. Please go to the link below to take advantage. 

        If you have a knack in drawing graphics with the help of MS Paint and take superb images, then you must take advantage of your inherent talent. 

        You can also allow others to use your graphics/images in their blogs but with the condition that they must link back the images to your site. A notice in this regard may be given below the images. In this way you can make others visit your site a number of times.

        Read : Read These 9 Tips About 10 Top Websites For Copyright Free        Photos For Your Blog To Double Your Business

               Image Optimization Factors

        4) Niche :

        If you have already started writing blogs with the aim of generating some side income then, selecting the right niche/subject is a crucial factor. As all models of the same brand never become ‘hot cake’ similarly, all niche or topic can never earn the same amount of popularity. You can get some brilliant niche ideas here :

        • Small Business Brief
        • Site Pronews 
        • The Ultimate 5 Profitable Niche

        5) Adding Social Site Icons :

        Since social sites have taken a more or little place in everyone’s life these days, adding popular ‘social sites’ links play a deciding factor as far as your blog is concerned. 

        The importance of ‘social sites’ may be imagined from the number of users they have. FaceBook has at present over 1 billion active users while Twitter has more than 270 million. Google plus and Linkedin are not far behind with each having more than 300 million users. 

        Register yourself with these sites and get connected with active users. You will surely get a boost to your traffic. 

          Read : How to add social site icons to your blog 

          6) Name Of Your Blog/Website :

          When registering for a blog or custom domain, always try to it simple, shortest and easily memorable. Think of ‘Facebook’ ‘Twitter’ ‘Google’ consisting of a single or maximum two words. Try your power of imagination to discover an awesome. 

          Read : Seven awesome domain name generators for your awesome blog

          7) Participate And Share Views In Powerful Social Sharing Sites :

          You can get a lot of visitors from Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr and there is every possibility that many of these visitors will like your blog and may visit your website frequently. Among these ‘social sharing sites’ ‘Reddit‘ alone receives 2 billion views monthly. 

          You can get a ‘List of Top Social Networking Sites’ from Wikipedia here 


          How To Submit Your Blog To Top Search Engines – Google, Yahoo And Bing For Huge Traffic





          Google is the number 1 search engine and your website must be submitted to it to target more traffic. Maximum number of traffic a website gets is from this search engine. 

          By submitting your website to important search engines and by implementing some SEO technique, you can easily rank higher and expect more viewers.


          Simply submitting website/blog to various search engines is not enough to get higher ranking, you must optimize your website/blog properly so that various pages of your site can be properly indexed by the search engines. By doing this, the higher the rank in major search engines the more traffic you will get. 

          When a search engine lists your website, it takes into account a number of things like – Page Title, Keywords, Meta Description in the contents of the pages. Besides, it also takes into account number of inbound links in the pages and bounce rate as well. 

          The way every search engine works varies based on its unique algorithms to rank various pages. Getting at least moderate ranking in search engines is not very difficult if the basic of SEO (Search Engines Optimization) technique is understood. 

          READ :

          How To Find Best Keywords For Your Niche

          How To Use Header Tags For Better SEO And More Search Engine Traffic

          How To Include Robot Txt In Blog For Huge Traffic

          All search engines continuously search and crawl the web for new content to add to its ‘database’ using a program called ‘Spiders’. Eventually, one doesn’t need to submit website to ‘search engines’ manually as all ‘search engines’ will find your site someday – but it will take time, and during this period you lose vital traffic to your site. Therefore, by submitting your site to important search engines you force the ‘spider’ to crawl your site quickly. 


          A XML sitemap enables the search engine bot to find all the posts/pages of the blog and index it quickly and efficiently. In the absence of a XML sitemap one is bound to lose the opportunity of his/her contents being properly indexed and find a place in the search engine.

          READ :

          How To Add A XML Sitemap To Webmaster Tools

          If you have gone through the above link, you have surely understood about how to create a sitemap and how to submit it to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’. 


          The process of submitting website to Yahoo & Bing are same. Bing and Yahoo are search partners and you can easily submit your site to them just by signing up and creating an account in ‘Bing Webmaster Tools‘ and submitting your ‘sitemap’. 

          After signing up click ‘Add Site’ > Add URL of your site > Verify your site and it is done. Once done their search engine bot will start listing the pages of your site.

          Like Google you also need to submit your XML sitemap to ‘Bing Webmaster Tools’.

          To do this click Crawl > Sitemaps (XML/Atom/RSS)add Feed and point Bing in the direction of your sitemap.

          Heavy Rush Of Traffic From Reddit  

          How To Sell 7 Great Ways As Madona Did To Keep Listeners Tied To Her

          Fascinating And Easy SEO Tricks 

          What do you mean by Home content insurance?

          Everyone is in search of a home. And particularly if you are living outside of your home town, a home would be the most desirable thing one can ever have. Yes own home is obviously a blessing on earth. In your own home it’s a package full of memories. Time you spend at your own home with your family is no doubt unforgettable. In Dubai where property rates are talking to sky how one can even imagine to have his/her own home. And if someone is working in a well reputed organization, for sure he can take this opportunity and then the next level starts. It is our main topic. If you have your own home, you should really think about for home insurance policy along with content inside the home. In simple words it would be called as a home content insurance. It is pretty necessary from natural or unnatural threats in future to your home. I mean situations like fire, earthquake or destruction of house due to unsuitable climate change that is common in Dubai.

          Who could buy a home content insurance policy?

          In Dubai, sometimes ago it was a perception in public that home insurance policy can only be bought by a home owner but is not true. Anyone can buy take a home insurance plan whether an owner of a home or a person who is on rent. I will tell you an example of my relative who live in Dubai in an apartment that was on rent. His story is very interesting as how he saved himself from financial crisis through a home insurance policy. He was living in that apartment from last year and after his new contract was to start on very next of the month, a disastrous fire due to the gas leakage overcome furniture and other appliances worth AED 10000. Luckily he had a home content insurance policy. That’s why he could manage to get back to his normal life again without facing any serious financial pressure.
          So it is not necessary that only house owners can avail home insurance. As house for sure belong to the owner but the content and appliances inside the home belong to the person on rent. So in my opinion if you are an expat then it does not matter you are renter or owner, home insurance policy must be at top in your priority list.
          Benefits from home content insurance policy

          Although home insurance policy is necessary for all people living in Dubai. But one plus point is that top insurance companies and best banks of Dubai at the same time provide you attractive benefits on these services. These discounts and benefits are actually to compensate your expenses and also to catch you people towards this responsible duty that is actually for you. Well following are the benefits and perks being provided by top bank of Dubai –
          1.       It covers the cost of almost all type of content and appliance present in a home.
          2.       Your assets present in your home whether a content belongs to your emotions and or it has some historical background, this type of policy covers the cost from mis-happening to all type of things.
          3.        There is also an amazing factor that is home content insurance policy is quite available at lower premium rates in comparison to other insurance policies.
          Is there any best option than Mashreq bank policy?

          As there is very hard and tough competition between top insurance companies and top Dubai banks, still we can evaluate these institutions in an order. If we see which bank is best suited for a home insurance claim easily, I conclude that Mashreq Bank of Dubai is at the top of the list. Although there is a deadline and in that time period you have to file your claim. Most of the banks provide you a time period of a week. But Mashreq bank is the only bank offers 2 weeks’ time for this purpose. Through an email or a SMS, you can file your claim. The digitalize system of Mashreq bank is very fast and will inform you within an hour. So that’s why I suggest you to approach Mashreq Bank for this purpose.

          Hey Heavy Rush Of Traffic To Your Blog From Reddit Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tricks

          window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-72524586-5’);


          traffic from reddit


          Reddit is a place where people share and exchange information among themselves. Reddit attracts huge visitors daily and that’s why a blogger has a plenty of opportunities to get awesome traffic from this place. If you like to draw traffic from USA and Europe then Reddit is the most ideal place for you as most of the visitors are from USA.

          Reddit has about 175 million unique monthly visitors from 186 countries which makes its page views cross 8 billions monthly and Reddit earns huge advertising revenue from this traffic.

          The trick of earning traffic from Reddit lies in making a few clever and wise comments on a daily basis. Good comments are sure to get upvotes from users and lead to earning ‘karma points’. 

          (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

          How To Draw Huge Traffic From Reddit

          #1) Open an account in Reddit

          #2) Reddit will send a link to your registered email address

          #3) Confirm your email address 

          Now you are a registered and verified users, you are allowed to post links,vote and make comments on Reddit. Now you can join communities also know as  ‘sub-Reddits’ of your choice but always prefer newbies groups like freekarma and others. Just select a few subreddits and post small but cute comments. An example of doing this is /r/earthporn and post simple comments like ‘I would like to visit this place everytime I get an opportunity’ like that. Your ‘karma points’ will grow rapidly.  

          #4) Karma can also be earned easily by going to /r/AskReddit and answer a few questions in a funny/cute way. Another great subreddit to earn karma is ‘/r/todayilearned’. Here you can earn karma by posting links to some cool facts such as ‘TIL that cats are cool’. Search ‘Google’ or ‘Wikipedia’ to get some cool facts & post the link. The cooler the fact the higher the Upvote/’karma points’ you get. First earn some karma points  of newbies by posting comments and participating in vote. To gain confidence and trust of Reddit you need to have patience. You are not required to enter ‘Captcha Codes’ after 20 link karmas. After 200 link karmas you will start earning traffic from Reddit and earn their trust. 

          #5) After getting 20 link karmas you can post links in your ‘sub-Reddits’ groups. Do not post more than 1 link at a time. To post a new link keep a gap of few hours or a day. Never try to post more than 3 links within a few days. 

          When continued to proceed like this, you can expect great source of traffic from Reddit. 

          Be careful about ‘Shadow Ban‘ of Reddit

          Spammers are punished with ‘Shadow Ban‘ by Reddit. Once marked with ‘Shadow Ban’ you will be allowed to post links, comments, upvotes and downvotes but other users will not be able to see you. 

          Consequently, you won’t get any traffic from Reddit to your site, on the other hand you help Reddit to increase its own page views. To avoid getting banned by Reddit or marked with ‘Shadow Ban’ you need to exercise caution and proceed carefully. 

          8 Ways You Can Reinvent Auto Insurance Without Looking Like An Amateur

          (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

          (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


          auto insurance
          Auto Insurance Essential


          Is it mandatory to have an auto insurance ?

          As per provisions of ‘Motor Vehicles Act 1988’ it is mandatory for every owner of ‘any vehicle’ plying on public roads in India to have a valid ‘auto insurance policy’. Here, ‘any vehicle’ means irrespective of the purpose for which the vehicle is being used whether for social, pleasure, domestic, transportation or any other purpose. The reason is simple. When a vehicle is involved in an accident and causes damage to life or properties of a third party(s) the owner becomes legally liable to pay damages for the accident and the policy covers the amount of such damages.

          Motor Insurance may be broadly divided into two categories :

          i) Third Party Motor Insurance : Third party motor insurance covers any damage or injury caused by the insured to another vehicle and its passengers. Third party motor insurance is the basic insurance which is mandatory by the ‘Motor Vehicles Act 1988’ and does not cover the owner(insured) and damage to his/her vehicle. It also does not provide cover if the car or the belongings of the owner is stolen or damaged. The ‘Motor Vehicles Act’ also says that the claim may be lodged under ‘no fault liability claims’ which means that the ‘claimant’ is under no obligation to prove negligence on the part of the vehicle that caused the accident.

          ii) Comprehensive Motor Insurance : Third party insurance only covers damage and injury caused to the third party by the vehicle of the insured but what if your vehicle is stolen or damaged due to natural calamities such as flood or man made situations like riot, arson? Here is the need for a ‘Comprehensive Auto Insurance’.  Comprehensive insurance covers damage to the car of the insured other than collision.

          However, having a ‘Comprehensive Policy’ is pricey. Bank financing for new vehicles purchase always make it mandatory for the borrower to have a ‘comprehensive policy’. If you have purchased a new vehicle with your own money, it is also wise always to have a ‘comprehensive policy’ cover. Otherwise any damage or theft may prove to be dearly. If your car is more than 5 years old it may not fetch a very good price and you may have a second thought whether to have a ‘comprehensive insurance’ cover or not.

          A Comprehensive Policy Covers The Following Situations :

          • Vandalism like riot, arson, unrest
          • Theft
          • Burglary
          • Fire
          • Flood
          • Damage caused by collision with an animal
          • Damage caused by falling objects or missiles
          • Damage caused by severe weather conditions like flood, hurricane, tornado, cyclone
          Without a comprehensive cover, you shall have to bear the entire cost of repair in case your car is damaged for some reason other than ‘collision’. As far as the ‘high price’ of modern cars is concerned it is always prudent to have a comprehensive policy.

          Two Wheeler Insurance :


          Many people think buying a ‘comprehensive policy’  for a two wheeler is a wastage of money. They might prove to be wrong in the event of a theft or damage or injury to self. To keep your bike and yourself always safe and secured, a ‘comprehensive coverage’ is always a good deal. 

          Coverage :

          • Loss or damage to two wheeler against natural calamities – fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, inundation or landslide.
          • Loss or damage to two wheeler against man made incidents – theft, burglary, riot, arson, looting, vandalism, terrorist attack, damage caused in transit by rail, road, air, inland waterways.
          • Personal accident cover – some companies provide personal accident cover for the owner/driver while driving and for pillion rider also with a little extra premium. 
          • Third party legal liability – protection against legal liability arising out of accident while driving, resulting in injury, permanent disability or death to third party(s).

          Exclusions :

          •  Normal Wear & Tear
          • Mechanical or Electrical Failure
          • Periodical Servicing
          • Driving by a person without a valid driving licence, racing or violating traffic rules
          • Driving by a person under the influence of drug/liquor
          • Loss or damage due to war or nuclear attack
          • Loss or damage to accessories – by burglary, theft unless the vehicle is stolen at the same time
          • Wear & Tear of consumables – tyres & tubes, bulbs unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time


          Don’t Waste Time! 10 Topmost Websites For Free Video Footage For Your Blog

          window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-72524586-5’);


          free video
          Free Video For Blog

          Adsense wants you to publish pictures and videos that are royal free and copyright free. Although you may get some websites for free stock of photos but it is very difficult to find a couple of websites for copyright free video footage. 

          Royalty free video footage can be published in all types of blogs without fear. Below is given a list of 10 best websites where from you can download videos and use in your blog.

          #1) Stock Footage For Free : 

          This site is really rich in unlimited number of video footage. The videos are of very high quality and vivid in color. To download these videos all you have to do is to create free account and start downloading.

          #2) Partners In Rhyme Free Video Loops :

          There is a free HD video loop to facilitate download on every page. New stock of videos are updated regularly. One will be astonished to watch its long list of stock videos.

          #3) Movie

          Christian Video Loop 

          Sports Video Loops

          Holiday Video Loops

          News And Studio Video Loops

          Hightech Video Loops

          Flag Video Loops

          Countdown Video Loops

          (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); #4) Pond5 :

          A free video clip can be downloaded from this site every week. Just select a format and add it to your cart to receive the free clip.

          #5) Digital Hotcakes :

          On free sign up you will get a free loop every month. These videos you will love to watch.

          #6) Bottled Video :

          This website is famous for its amazing stock. Just choose and download your video.

          #7) Vidsplay :

          You are not required to create any account here, huge stock just free to download and use.

          #8) Motion Elements :

          This is a wonderful website where high quality background clips are available.

          #9) Footage Crate :

          No registration, no restriction – Hundreds of videos are waiting to be downloaded.

          #10) Give Me Free Art :

          Here also no registration, videos just for free to download.

          How To Get Adsense Approval For Your Blog On Very 1st Attempt


          True, there are many ad network sites but needless to say that Google’s Adsense is the best among all of them. If you have been unsuccessful in your previous attempts to get Adsense approval, you need not be depressed at all. Because there are thousands like you who failed miserably to get Adsense approval.

          Although, it is not impossible to get Adsense approval but it is really tough. Statistics prove that of all the applications made on a daily basis, less than 1 percent are lucky enough to get this. So, one can get a simple idea how tough is the job.

          (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Adsense has some basic ‘Programme Policies’ which all applicants must follow. If one follows these Policies accurately it may be told that there is a fair chance of getting the approval though there is no gurantee.  

          If you have a plan to apply to Adsense with you blog for approval, you must carefully go through the ‘beginner’s guide’  and take note of the following points very carefully.

          So, before applying you must make sure whether your blog fulfils the entire guidelines accurately. The important criteria are mentioned below :

          Posts/Articles :

          One major reason Adsence shows while rejecting a blogger’s application is ‘insufficient content’. This means your blog lacks information on the subject of posts. When a viewer visits your blog/website he/she may seek any information on the subject of your blog.

          Adsense wants your blog must be fully informative so that the viewers never get dissatisfied. If the viewers are not impressed at the first sight then you are bound to lose a very large amount of traffic.

          So, to avoid get rejected your blog must contain at least 35 to 40 quality posts. Each post should be at least of 400 to 500 words and include at least 2 articles of 1500/2000 words. Try to provide as much accurate information on the subject as you can so that your articles/posts are liked by the Adsense team.

          The posts should be free of silly grammatical and spelling mistakes disliked by Adsense. So, make sure your blog posts are grammatically correct, extremely rich and really praiseworthy.

          The posts must be original and unique and must not be copied from others. One will get rejected by Adsense immediately if it appears that the posts are copied from someone else.

          The posts/articles must contain  related images which must be free of copyright. There are many websites such as ‘flickr’ that offer free images for bloggers. The images not only make your posts attractive but also liked by the viewers.

          The layout of each post should be very attractive i.e. it must contain subject wise paragraph. You must use bold, italic, underline, bullet list and numbered list as the need may be. A good layout may enhance the quality of the posts extremely.

          The color of the letters of the posts should be black only and no other color though the link may be of other color such as blue and a different hover color.

          Never leave a long blank area at the end of any post because Adsense doesn’t like a blank white space.

          Niches :

          Blog/websites with violence, illegal subject, pornography are rejected by Adsense team forthwith. Any website that spreads racism, hatred or supports violence against any nation, community, caste are prohibited. Blog on health, beauty, lifestyle, social media, technology, science, business, law, travel, entrepreneurship, finance including loan and mortgage, forex, stock market, earning  will get faster approval.

          Read : The Easiest Way To Stop Earning With Your Blog And Start Earning Massive

          Ad By Other Ad Network Sites :

          Generally, Adsense doesn’t like ads by other Ad Network Sites along with their ads. Although, in some cases a limited display of other ads is allowed occasionaly. So, keep away from ads like chitika, infolinks or yahoo at the time of applying for Adsense.

          Also keep your blog free of any affiliate banner such as amazon, clickbank, flipcart or fatgo at the time of going in for Adsense.

          Template/Design And Easy Navigation :

          This is another important area on which approval of Adsense greatly depends. Adsense always prefers a high degree of user experience. It means those visiting your blog/website can hover over all the posts and pages of your blog smoothly. A high degree of user experience also ensures a high volume of daily traffic. All the posts and pages of your blog should be interlinked with your ‘Home Page’ to achieve a high degree of smooth navigation by users that will pave the way of your easy Adsense approval.

          Although, it is true Adsense prefers its publishers to use a professional template and color design so that the ads attract the eyes of the visitors significantly but the free templates available with Blogger and WordPress at present are also of good quality. There are a lot of  publishers of  Adsense who got Adsense approval with these free templates. Of course, if you go in for a professional template spending a little it’s a better deal. 

          Best Free And Premium WordPress Theme  

          Add A Site Map :

          Google search engine bot continuously monitors and index all the websites 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you do not add a site map still your site will be indexed by the bot but it will take a lot of time. Adding a site map to your blog facilitates the bot to find your site quickly and index all the posts and pages of your site easily. Also add a XML Sitemap by clicking Add/Test Sitemap at the top right to Google Webmaster Tools.

          Read : How To Add A Sitemap To Your Blog
                     How To Add A XML Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools
          Add Google Analytics :

          Adsense wants you to constantly update your website and monitor the traffic. Therefore, registration with Google Analytics is an indication to them that you are constantly engaged with your site. This is bound to create a positive impression on them and you will be one step ahead in your way of obtaining their approval. 
          Get your site registered with Google Webmasters Tools by clicking ‘Add a Property’ appearing at the top right. Click here to get your site registered with Bing Webmaster Tools.

          Compulsory Pages :

          Adsense also wants you to add the following pages to your blog/website as a precondition before applying for their approval. These pages are :-

          • About us : In this page reveal your identity e.g., (i) Name, Address, and write something about the (ii) contents of your website. It is a very good practice to add your photo here.
          • Privacy policy : To create a ‘Privacy policy” visit here,  just give your site title, site url, email address and click ‘Generate Policy’. Copy the ‘Privacy policy’ so generated and paste it into your ‘Privacy policy page’.
          • Disclaimer : To generate a ‘Disclaimer page’ you can visit here or follow the style of drafting by visiting any website with a ‘Disclaimer’ page.
          • Terms of usage
          • Contact us : Your Tel/Mob number & Email address  

          Custom Domain Email ID :

          Many people get Adsense approval with free platforms like Blogger or WordPress. While allowing approval for a custom domain like .com .in. .net etc Adsense doesn’t like your email address in the style to appear in your website. 
          So, get a custom domain email address ([email protected]) before applying for Adsense with a custom domain.
          Minimum Period :

          Your blog or website should be at least 6 months old before you are eligible for applying to Adsense.


            Online investment has made an easy process for international traders to keep an eye on their businesses across the borders

            The term online investment first surfaced in business sector during the dot com era, where many of the startups tried to cater modern investment services and find digital investment solutions. This made the big time investors interested in the sector. This led many tech enthusiasts to invest in new companies and build business empires based on internet based investment banking. With bankers realizing the potential of this market, software developers and engineers were encouraged to develop such services. Bring more the international market together and creating a lot of employment opportunities for people, online investment was now the holy grail of the 2000s. With increased popularity among the top businessmen and stock market. Digital investment grew rapidly and expanded all around the globe. Before internet trading an investor had to get help from a financial advisor and a stock broker in order to invest in the companies he was interested in. This was a lengthy process to start with, first the individual would go and keep getting advice from the investment manager and also ask the stock broker to analyze the specific company’s stock rates and its future prices. So, most people interested in investing also preferred to back off and not trying their hands in investment. But this all change when digital investment became popular and go to solution for investors. And this also helped latest investment in Dubai rise. Online investment banking provides several services to the user. From market analysis to investment history and from market news to real time stock prices. Well, it is now so common that even you iPhone also shows you the real time stock options, just swipe to the left most menu on the iPhone. One of the biggest and important benefit of online investment is that it opens gates for the market all over the world, this means if you are sitting in Dubai, you can buy stocks that are available in New York stock exchange. This sort of investment solutions have helped in increasing its popularity. All one needs is to fill the application form on registration and voila! You are good to go. Maybe you wonder that online investment opportunities are not provided to everyone but you are wrong, business investments in Dubai are now made via internet investment banking. If you are reluctant to join in, you can take digital investment advice from the companies and banks which offer this service. All you need to do is to make a few clicks and search for the join the force with other internet based investment accounts.

            It may seems like I am advocating it, but all I am doing is telling you the benefits. And to be honest I have not experienced any disadvantages so far, however, believe it or not, I will if I experience or come across cases that witness otherwise. The best business investments online depend on the company you register to, there are several investment banks and private companies which offer different packages and variation of services. All is needed from your side is to decide which one to join? If you are an expatriate or a Dubai resident then you might search for the services offered by Mashreq Bank, the oldest in town, Mashreq Bank has been investment advisor to one of the biggest names in market. Consisting of experienced and top notch employees, Mashreq Bank has the ability to provide solutions for every problem their client might face. You may look it up, give it a thorough read. So, I have made enough statements today, and I hope I don’t sound like I am exaggerating the stuff. Online investment is the smartest decision to make if you are looking to build a net worth which your descendant can also enjoy. It is a long term game one has to play and the longer in the game the bigger profits come on one’s door step. Online investment in Dubai specifically will make higher profit in a shorter time span than other in countries. Now becoming a shareholder in a multinational is not a big deal, you can enjoy the biggest perks one could imagine before internet.

            How To Turn Your 10 Best Books On Technical Analysis Forex From Blah Into Fantastic

            (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-72524586-3’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


            books technical analysis forex
            Books On Technical Analysis of Forex Trading


            A wide variety of books written by experts and professionals are available in the market for those who want to have a total education on technical analysis. All these books are designed to give you a clear conception about technical analysis and how to make your unique strategy to gain wealth in the forex market. Below are given a list of 10 books beginners will find very useful :-

            (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

            • Technical Analysis’ Author Martin Pring : This book focuses not only on technical analysis but also covers trading psychology, structure & interconnection of financial markets. The book elaborately discusses the basic principles of technical analysis and shows the readers in depth how technical analysis is used to predict future price trend and make the strategies accordingly. Martin Pring is considered to be an authority of technical analysis and this book is regarded as one of the best in this segment.

            • ‘Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques’ Author Steve Nison : Candlestick charting the most commonly used technical analysis tools has been well explained by the author in a simple and easy way for all. Before this book was published, ‘candlestick charting’ used by Japanese traders for years, was relatively unknown to the west. First, Steve Nison was associated with teaching this tool to institutional traders at top investment banking firm such as JP Morgan Chase & Co and Goldman Sachs Group and later he decided to write and publish book for all. The readers may have a very good idea about ‘candlestick charting’ by reading this famous book. 

            • ‘Technical Analysis By Using Multiple Timeframes’  Author Brian Shannon : The readers will find this book very handy in their day to day trading strategy. In this book the author has shown how to apply technical analysis across multiple timeframes to achieve highest probability of success. The book also covers a variety of vital aspects like — placement of stop loss orders, short selling, how to set maximum profitable trade exits.

            • ‘Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns’  Author Thomas Bulkowski : The author an expert in charts and technical analysis, gives the readers an insight of technical chart patterns which all can understand in an easy way. This books is really popular among all sorts of investors/traders in forex as well as stock markets as it has thrown light on virtually every kind of candlestick chart patterns that can accurately predict movement of future market trend. The book also shows technical patterns relating to positive economic development/news and company earning.    

            • ‘Technical Analysis Of The Financial Market’ Author John J Murphy : Exhaustive description of technical analysis and their application has been truly covered by the author in this outstanding book. The book includes broadly useful technical tools, candlestick charting, inter market relationship, how to read charts with simple & understandable examples, readers will love to read. The book lays special emphasis on futures market and is regarded to be one of the best on the subject. 

            • ‘Technical Analysis’  Author Charles D. Kirpat : The essential feature of this book is that it includes lots of updated illustrations helping the readers to learn ‘technical analysis’ in the most practical manner. Beginners who want to have an in-depth knowledge of technical analysis before trying their hands in forex trading, will find this book indispensable. This book is powerful enough to make you fully aware of portfolio management plans and investment system basics. So, if you are really interested in forex trading with the help of technical analysis tools, this book is a must for you.

            • ‘Thirty Days Of Forex Trading’  Author  Raghee Horner : Foreign exchange market opens up an awesome potential for extra earning for all persons whether full time trader or part time trader. To make your dream come true you need to have a basic knowledge as well as an understanding of forex market technical tools & techniques as well as trading disciplines. Raghee Horner has attempted to do just that. The author, a successful forex trader for over a decade, shares her best experiences during real time trading. In this book she has shown how to enter the forex market with confidence earn uniform profit. Any beginner in forex will find this book very handy.

            • How To Make A Living Trading Foreign Exchange’  Author Courtney Smith : In this unique book the author has explained in detail the basic of foreign exchange, strategy, indication, how to read charts on technical analysis that can help you earn money in the foreign market with ease. Although, Smith has dedicated a larger part of the book showing successful trading strategies with his suggested tips but at the same time he has also wonderfully covered ‘risk management’ techniques. 

            • ‘The Encyclopedia Of Technical Market Indicators Second Edition’  Author Robert Colby : This books depicts in an explicit way how and when to use technical market indicators in the best possible ways with accurate calculation and formulas. The book explains with in depth coverage of more than one hundred technical indicators. The author has maintained clarity, simplicity and step by step manner to show the readers technical market indicators‘ commonly used by topmost and reputed professionals & traders. This extensively researched piece of document is recommended for reading by various famous institutions on technical research. 

            • ‘Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets – A Comprehensive Guide To Trading Methods And Application’   Author  Murphy. John J. : This book is regarded as one of the best guides on technical analysis and future markets. The book created an uproar when it was published for the first time in 1980s. So, the author completely updated and revised the current edition covering all aspects of financial markets. This book is an invaluable guidance who prepare their trading strategies primarily based on technical charting. With a display of more than 400 charts the John Murphy has left no room of  ‘technical analysis‘ untouched.    

            How saving accounts are different from other genres?

            This inquiry on savings account crosses each and every inhabitant or non-occupant or ostracize inhabitant’s psyche. Furthermore, it isn’t incautious to consider a sparing account in a place where you scarcely know a man. What’s more, still, regardless of whether you do you should, in any case, open a sparing account for your and your family’s purpose. All things considered, the rundown benefits and the scope of alternatives distinctive banks offer for sparing account is colossal. Be it, a sparing account without least adjust, sparing account web-based opening, and have you known about 0 adjust sparing account opening? Well, you will, go over on your examination over the enormous old web. It might sound amazing to the greater part of you that a zero or 0 adjust account opening is conceivable.

            The concept of zero balance saving account –

            In spite of the fact that it has diverse prerequisite and particular qualification criteria to keep it as perfect as could be allowed, however the way that exists is very great where managing an account has now arrived where it can bear to open a sparing account with no adjustment in it. So now most importantly in the event that you will keep the cash for what reason not keep it in an account where it can be put into various undertakings and you can have a specific benefit over the kept cash.
            I have seen numerous individuals who have a gigantic financial balance, and they gain a sum each month which is sufficient for them to on for three months. This implies each month they can set aside cash for two months. They do, keep it in the banks and not money it out for undesirable indulgent spending. However, imagine a scenario in which I disclose to you they are treating it terribly. You would snap at me, wouldn’t you? I mean it bodes well to snap at me since I am disclosing to you a man gaining this better is accomplishing something incorrectly.

            What are the major areas for investment? –

            The main purpose of me advocating this concept is because even if it is not good enough, I know the profit margin is not that high most of the times, but it is still better than no profit at all. Yes, stay with me I am going to create sense out of opening saving account. On one hand, there is a market which is waiting to explore, a business to flourish, a life to be lived, a job to be done, money to be earned and time to go through it all. You see, a good businessman is who knows how to double the money he already has. Now, you will argue you know how to make it double so you just work hard all the time and earn enough to survive a better living standard and stuff. But, all you need to instead is look closely around yourself. You have trillions of options, and some options are as simple as slicing a cake such as
            1.       Mutual funds projects
            2.       Saving account options  
            3.       Bond schemes
            4.       Gold investment
            5.       Online trading

            Unique saving’s options through Mashreq Bank –

            The first and last may won’t work that essentially and require somewhat more thing over. In any case, the two in the center are no-brainers. I mean savings account will simply keep you bank adjust a buoy, and the patience you are the gainful you get. You may look more about types of accounts and how savings account functions in various nations. On the off chance that you will open one such an account for your Dubai’s well winning pay then you should need to scan for sparing account Dubai or better visit sparing account Dubai Mashreq Bank. Mashreq bank offers a superior month loan cost which may be suitable for you. For the time being, continue searching for best accounts details in UAE. It can be the simplest method to make a benefit from your well-deserved cash. Here’s a glance at why it is superior to most? It is the oldest bank working from last three decades. Also, it’s digitalized services are the perfect one for all. 

            Why People Give Preference to Ramadan Umrah Packages

            Yes it is true most of the Muslims from all over the world prefer for the Umrah and hajj in the holy month of Ramadan. Why it is so? The answer is very simple that is Ramadan is a holy month and it is spiritually a blessing to offer Umrah in this month. Now I want to explain a little bit about the services and need of this duty in the form of Ramadan umrah packages. It is a prestigious practice for Muslims to perform Umrah and Hajj if they have a reasonable amount of money to spend. Also every Muslim irrespective of region, wish to visit Makkah and Madinah at least once in his/her life for the Umrah.
            As we all know Umrah is considered to be one of the holiest prayer in Islam. You people see many travel agencies in public and private sector, offering different types of packages. Well there are two defined and most useful ways to get services from any company or to approach a travel agent –
            1.       Personal Visit
            2.       Online Access 
            We have a lot examples to quote here about the services and offers. But I will tell you my very own experience. Last year my family was planned to visit the Holy places through an Umrah Visa. The things they have to provide are not very easy to provide at the spot. So I will help you to manage your documents timely. First of all you have a valid passport as it is the most important requirement before applying for an Umrah visa. The next you have four passport size pictures with blue background. Third you have to provide a national identity card to define your nationality. You can submit all these documents to your desire institution or a travel agent. Also you can take the second option which is through online procedure.

            Mina Tours the UK Based Travel Group

            Now the next step is to find out cheap umrah packages. Don’t worry, we have already done a lot of work on it and we find that for all type of services, Mina tours, a UK based travel agency is best among all other companies. Being one of the world’s best company, which facilitate every pilgrim to have a comfortable, safe and trouble free journey to perform Umrah. It also provides other random services regarding Travel and Tourism besides such type of holy trips up to the highest level of international standards.

            You supposed to be submitted you’re all documents to any branch of Mina tours and then group is responsible to submit your case further to the embassy of Saudi Arabia. Mina tours offer several packages for the Umrah and Hajj according to the suited budget of a customer either traveling alone or in groups. Just visit the official website of the travel agency (Mina tours, a UK based travel company) and check the complete details about the services and offers. Also one should read the terms and conditions regarding Ramadan Umrah Packages which are quite cheap.

            Here we provide you information regarding how to get an Umrah Visa?

            To get an Umrah Visais totally depends on the Saudi government, either they are willing to grant an individual or a group of applicants an umrah visa or not. But if you have completed your all papers and requirements for a visa file then there is no reason that your visa will be rejected. So do not worry about this thing. Only do what you can do I mean follow all the rules, terms and conditions and the documentation that is required. Here we will provide you complete information through this article on how to get Umrah Visa. Actually there is no hard and fast rule to get umrah services. Similarly there is no eligibility criteria as such, however you or your family members’ eligibility is dependent on the documents and it is the only and most important requirement. Well if we go through the documents required for Umrah Visa, then first one needs to have four passport size photographs and which are usually 4×6 pixel at 300 Dpi. You will be careful about the background should be blue and mostly when a female member or pilgrim is applied for an umrah visa then scarf is required as per rules of Saudi Arabia. Besides this here are some other requirements that everyone have to be fulfilled while applying for an umrah visa. You have to provide National Identity Card or Social Security along with you other documents. But only a copy is enough and there is no need to submit the original one, however some may require to have attested by a government official. But that varies from conditions to conditions. One should also have to provide a Passport that should be valid for at least 8 months, and the minimum blank pages required is 2. Now there is another condition for an individual who is under 18, his or her birth certificate or B Form must be submitted. This condition must be completed otherwise it will create a problem.

            It is a simple process as after filling out the form and attaching the required documents an applicant forward all these documents to a travel agency that an applicant has choose for proceeding his/her umrah visa. Now it is the duty of travel agency to review your file completely and thoroughly to forward the applicant case further to recognized agency in Saudi Arabia. Which will then forward these documents to ministry of Hajj for approval. Now it all up to the government of Dubai and the ministry of hajj how they review your case. But do not worry most of the times everyone got umrah offers easily as it is a process on daily bases. As from all over the world Muslims are applying for umrah visa so the government of Saudi Arabia is very much familiar with all the technicalities. Here I will tell you my own experience. I have visited a huge number of agencies, local or international. I visited international agency’s website to be honest, but most of the travel agencies are very much expensive in its packages. So, for umrah offers one must also find and search for an agency that is capable of doing what it promises, be it a local travel program or Umrah for all that matters as most of the travel agencies are unable to fulfill the demands they claim. Anyways, after lot of research, I found mina tours, an agency of England. It offers the cheapest umrah Packages, and best advice and consultation on Umrah visa. After consulting them twice or maybe thrice, I was sure enough that mina tours will be my companion for Umrah. And hence I started arranging the documents required for Umrah travelling, and hoped for the best. My case was well prepared by mina tours and after a week I got my umrah visa. The most important thing is that my travelling services and residence facilities were extraordinary and were exactly according to the agreement I have done with mina tours.

            The Easiest Way To Stop Earning With Your Blog And Start Earning Massive


            Reasons why people write blogs may differ from person to person but one thing is common for all. That is, all want their posts be read by thousands if not by lacs in the beginning. When your goal is achieved you may prefer to write more and get more attention. Another side of the fact is that you may earn quite a fair amount by doing so. I think, there are only a very small number of persons who are averse to earning from their writings.

            There are two parts of a blog – One is to create an effective blog and the other is drawing traffic to your blog. If you really aspire for making a strong readership base for your blogs, you ought to be cautious about many a things – from ‘Header’ to ‘Contents’. 

            The first thing viewers look at your posts is its ‘Title’ or ‘Header’. The headline or title plays a vital role in the success or failure of a blog. It’s the most crucial factor in the way of creating an impressive post. Catchy headlines easily attract attention of the viewers. A few points to remember to create an effective, brief and concise title :- 

            • It should be catchy, it must create a strong urge among the viewers to click the headline. The header must compel the visitors to click.
            • It must contain a primary keyword along with the brand name if any
            • Never write a title that is too short or too long (more than 70 characters in length)
            • The title should contain easily understandable, simple and popular keywords that clearly describe the subject your blog and make the viewer believe that the content is rich 
            • Use of  numbers make the headline more attractive like – 5 Ways To Learn Pregnancy Sex Effectively or 9 Secrets Will Make Your Awesome Foods For Awesome Sexual Stamina Look Amazing

            Below is given a list of addresses where you can get your free & effective title generators and SEO friendly titles easily :- 


            Hemingway title generator


            Here, you can simply type the headline or title of your blog, you are thinking about your post and they will show you the strength, possible engagement score, impression score, make suggestions and point out the drawbacks. You can seek more help by contacting them. 


            SEO Pressor title generator

            Here, you are required to insert a few keywords of your title or header and select whether you want a generic term, a brand name, an event, an industry, a location, a person’s name or a skill and they will suggest a number of SEO friendly titles for you free of cost. You are bound to be astonished to see their list of suggestions. 


            Impacbnd title generator


            Here, you simply enter a few keywords of your blog and fill up your name and email address and they will send you a number of brilliant suggestions of the header of your posts, you will simply be astonished to go through.


            Upworthy title generator

            Here, you just continue to click generate another button and titles will continue to pour in designed for a number of situations. Choose the one most effective for you. 


            Portent title generator

            Here you are also required to enter some key words and they will generate a few suggestions. If the titles so generated are not liked by you just click the refresh and more suggestions will be created.



            TweakYourBiz title generator

            This is another great website that generates numerous sample titles for your blog as soon as you type the topic of your blog. These titles may work so well that a post with no or very little viewers may start attracting thousands of viewers daily. So, you may give it a try.

            A Few Important Points About A Solid Content

            #1) Introduction : An unique introduction in the beginning of the post not only tells what you are to talk about but also grows ample interest in the minds of the readers to continue with reading further and go to the main contents of the posts. Without a meaningful introduction the post may fail to grow interest and curiosity in the viewers and he/she may give up reading further.

            When you are able to include an attractive heading and an excellent introduction that reflects the next stage of your subject and the readers are impressed, your half job is done. Now, the readers not only are ready to read till the last line but also make repeated comeback for further reading of your other articles. An introduction should neither be two short and no more than 5 to 6 lines.

            #2) Main Content : The next part is an unique and wonderful content. Writing a great content is an art and cannot be obtained over night. It requires a lot of practice and reading. Your content should describe the subject or topic of your post, more elaborately, already mentioned in the introduction. The main points should be mentioned one by one and explained/discussed properly. Use of bullets, paragraph, subheading and bold & italic make create a positive impact on your visitors.

            Your content should be original that is it must not be copied and pasted or stolen from other places. By doing so one not only violates copyright of some other person but also gets banned by Adsense if one is an Adsense Publisher. Google has started penalizing websites with copied contents.

            Your article should be at least of 500 words otherwise you are likely to lose a number of visitors. I think, less than 500 words cannot explain a subject effectively. If you have got a number of posts/articles in your website, try to include a few posts of 1000 to 1500 words which will make your site richer. You may visit ‘Buzzfeed’ where you will come across a host of articles on numerous subjects – just go through them and you will certainly gain a practical experience about how an article should be made.



            #3) Avoid Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes : This point must be carefully tackled. A silly spelling or grammatical mistake may ruin your blog completely and people will suspect if this is your original post at all. Before publishing your article :-

            • Proofread it a number of times for grammatical mistakes
            • Proofread for spelling mistakes and if in doubt consult a reliable dictionary
            • Proofread for right use of comma, apostrophe, bracket, capital & small letters
            • While using idioms & phrase, it must be accurate and meaningful
            #4) Use Of Images : Images speak a lot for your blog and enhance the user experience to a higher level. Unplanned use of images make no sense and must be avoided. All images used must be relevant to the topic of your article. It must also be ensured that no image is used with a copyright attached to it. There are a number of websites such as Flickr available online, where you can get ‘copyright free’ images and they may be safely used in your article.


            Flickr images

            #5) Useful Keywords : An article should also include a number of catchy keywords so that it gets a ranking in search engines such as google, yahoo, bing and others. You may have contributed a lot of hard work and time to your writing but if it doesn’t get a SEO ranking, you will never be successful. Keywords may be a single word or a group of words(phrase)  used to search about any thing in search engines. 

            Technically a single word should be called a ‘keyword’ such as ‘restaurants’ but ‘top 10 restaurants in Mumbai‘ or ‘cosy restaurants in NewYork’ are also keywords. So, a group of words(phrase) may also be keywords. Keywords must be chosen carefully specially for the ‘Heading or Title’. 

            Some keywords may get only a few clicks a day in top search engine like google while some keywords may get thousands of clicks a day. While selecting keywords it must kept in mind that they must be very common in nature used by the mass. A keyword is powerful enough to alter the search result altogether and some sites may be viewed several times while others only a few times for the same topic. You may go for Moz Keyword Difficulty And SERP Analysis Tool and know more about it.


            Moz Keyword

            #6) Link To Other Articles : A link to other interesting articles of your blog is very beneficial as it keeps the viewers engaged in your website/blog for a long time. Your blog should contain a number of interesting posts before doing this. Posting text links in a post make the blog look attractive. You are free to post the links either at the end of your post or in between paragraphs or both. When posting links, make sure :-

            • The links must not be in capital letters
            • The links text must contain a different color  such as blue
            • It appears attractive the text links also contain a hover color also
            • Posting 7 to 8 links in each page is not odd 
            • The link text should contain eye catching words that the viewers cannot ignore
            #7) Design & Template : Needless to say, content should be strong enough and is of utmost importance. Still we must not forget that a website/blog with a strong content and an attractive design is most likely to draw better volume of traffic than a website with a strong content and a poor design. You may visit here to download free responsive WordPress Themes that suit almost any topic. Also pay attention to :-


            WordPress Theme

            • Your template should be simple but attractive
            • It must not include a host of unnecessary widgets. Keep only essential widgets such as ‘Popular Posts’ or ‘Recent Posts’; Categories ; Search Button and ‘Related Posts’ at the bottom
            • Size of Font should be easy to read
            • Use bold, italic, underline, bullet, numbered list and break intelligently
            Read more
            7 Awesome domain name generators for your Awesome blog

            How to start a business with only 5 profitable niche blog topics that may make you millionaire

            Master the art of 15 great places you can learn about to make money from writing with these 8 tips

            15+ Real & Amazing ways to make money – Apply these 5 secrets

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            Mashreq Bank of Dubai is the best bank to open salary account

            There is a big question in debate now that is which the best bank to open salary account? Top Banks of Dubai are working in a highly professional way and have comprehensive and well organized websites which provide all the information you will need including types of accounts and services offered. However, there are also a number of local banks such as Mashreq Bank, RAK Bank and Commercial Bank of Dubai, which are also very much popular, that offer similar services at competitive rates in terms of their salary accounts. These banks are well equipped and strictly regulated by the UAE Central Bank which is governed by the government body. If we see the services of these banks we can say that they are also excellent choices for expats. As these banks are very much cooperative in terms of best salary account in UAE to expatriates. For some expats, the choice of bank depends upon the company in which they worked as most of the companies are very cooperative when it comes to provide the banking facilities to its employees. Some companies offer different types of incentives if employees choose the same bank for their own private banking if the bank is in agreement with the same company.  Most of the banks offer the ability to transfer money, both internally as well as to other accounts if you are a high net worth account holder. Also through credit card facilities the account holders can pay utility bills and top up mobile phone accounts. If you are looking for an answer about which is the best bank to open salary account in UAE? Then do not worry about your banking tasks. With digital banking options top bank of Dubai provide fastest banking facilities along with cash back discounts. If you are a frequent traveler then I suggest you to must have a bank account in a bank of Dubai.
            Which bank one should prefer is another debate so we will discuss the best bank for a best salary account in UAE in next paragraph? When we talk about the banking services these are often provided at no additional cost, but some banks do charge fees for electronic transfers or mean to say for digital or online banking because it is bit expensive due to its electronic and latest facilities. So one should be wise enough to choose a bank that has numerous branches or at least one that is close to your place of work or residence so that you have the option of conducting your business through the branch. Otherwise you should choose that one which is providing digital banking services. For some, the choice of bank is as simple as one that has a large number of conveniently accessible ATM machines and branches across the emirate and Dubai. For this purpose I will suggest you all to choose Mashreq bank which is one of the most reliable bank in Dubai and is working from last three decades very efficiently. So for further details you need to visit the official website of the bank regarding best salary account in UAE.
            The answer of which is the best bank to open salary account is Mashreq bank of Dubai as it has many branches in Dubai. It is one of the best bank in Dubai which is providing best salary account in UAE. If you want to open a salary account. You can also open a business account and it is required a minimum balance of AED 50,000-$300,000, depending on your account package. Account holders will have an expert relationship manager, who will cater all the banking tasks of the investors or traders. Mashreq bank allows companies to choose from five account options, with minimum balance requirements ranging from AED 25,000 to AED 1,000,000. Accounts feature multi-currency flexibility, preferential pricing on payment transactions and internet banking, access to 50 branches and 300 ATMS across the UAE. Mashreq Bank’s two business account options require minimum balances of AED 25,000 and AED 150,000, respectively. Accounts come with discounted options, free checkbooks, discounted foreign exchange rates, online business banking, Visa business debit cards, and a preferential tariff the bank’s business financing products.

            A new framework for innovative bank accounts in Dubai

            In the event that you are a nonstop nature explorer then digital banking is exceptionally helpful and may be in the best enthusiasm of you. A large portion of the worldwide brokers and enterprises are working through digital banking framework since it is most valuable for them. Another essential thing is top ten stock brokers that give data to make your business exchange from one account to other. You can likewise pay your any kind of installments through your online accounts given by digital banking framework. As Dubai quickly developing banking area totally take the digital banking segment so top banks of Dubai are demonstrating a considerable measure benefits than some other bank working in another piece of the world. Through digital banking segment, you can appreciate the plastic card and home advance offers. Furthermore, the services such as investment plans and wealth solutions are an enormous commitment of digital banks of Dubai.

            Unique features of different types of accounts –

            For beyond any doubt no one has any thought regarding this however with the expansion of internet in the market things have totally changed. So also if discuss particularly the banking division everybody think about customary old banking functioning in which some time exchanges took numerous days to be finished yet the arrangement of digital banking it has turned out to be easy to the point that wherever you are, it is simply an issue of a single navigate internet administrations and your work will be finished. Best savings account in UAE is a service given by a bank that enables its clients to lead financial exchanges remotely using an internet benefit through the various medium like your workstation or advanced mobile phone gadget. Digital banking or internet banking works in the type of various programming, that is really linked with the sites of the banks to save the time of investors so the customers of the bank could suit their accounts through digital banking if the physical administrations of the bank are not accessible right now.

            Latest innovations in the banking sector –

            The most recent innovation in the advanced mobile phone industry has totally changed the things and particularly in Dubai where the market is as open for everybody the things have turned out to be anything but difficult to profit. The main limitation is the accessibility of assets. For this reason, advanced mobile phone industry and different industries give numerous occupations to nearby individuals and in addition to outsiders. The introduction of 3G and 4G internet has made transport organizations and carrier benefits, all are controlled by digital gadgets. Along, with the various advancements, it made digital banking application advantageous, particularly apply pay in Dubai. Digital banking is an administration gave by every single best bank of Dubai that enables its clients to lead financial exchanges remotely using internet gadget, for example, a cell phone or individual workstation.

            Which bank is most suitable and manageable? –

            In the event that we see from the rundown of numerous created nations, versatile banking has grown considerably more advanced than some other nation or state due to the quickly developing economy of and particularly because of the enormous brokers and investors. Digital banking in Dubai has turned into the ideal answer for the clients in Dubai that arrangements with banking division consistently due to their financial purposes. After an entire report, I have discovered that Mashreq bank of Dubai is working proficiently in digital banking zone. One can go to the online entrance of Mashreq bank and you can tap into the digital banking administrations and alternatives. A page will be opened with finish terms and conditions. Digital banking of Mashreq bank is most appropriate for investment purposes.

            Reasons of opening a Bank account in Dubai for Non-Residents

            Dubai has become the most important region for everyone due to its diverse culture. People from all over the world frequently visit Dubai for business or leisure purposes. As you all know half of the population of Dubai is based on expatriates and it is the responsibility of the local government to facilitate these people as they are continuously participating in the development of Dubai. There are different types of needs of different people but one the most important demand is banking services and it almost common among all classes. Now to facilitate the expatriates with banking services, banks in UAE are professionally providing different types of services according to the needs and demands of these